Interview with Matt Walker of Camouflaj, Developers Behind Marvel's Iron Man VR

WTMG's Leo Faria: "In our humble opinion, the best VR from 2022 wasn’t exactly a new title. Sure, there were bangers like Moss: Book II and Cities VR, but the one title that stood out above everything else was the Quest 2 port of Iron Man VR. While we did like the game while it first came out for PSVR years ago, it had its flaws, namely stemming from the actual hardware. The Quest 2 port fixed most of these issues, being prettier, better performing, and most importantly, portable. We were finally free to move around as Tony Stark whenever, wherever and however it wanted. It’s easily one of the main killer apps for the Quest 2 alongside Resident Evil 4.

Naturally, we just wanted to know more about the game and its porting process. We reached out to Camouflaj in order to interview the game’s Director of Production, Matt Walker, who was kind enough to answer our questions regarding the game’s pitching phase, the advantages of the Quest 2 over the PSVR, as well as his opinions on the future of VR and Camouflaj in general."

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crazyCoconuts104d ago

I can only hope that Meta is willing to get some extra revenue and decides to port Iron Man to PSVR2.

EverydayJoe103d ago

I missed this one on PSVR, but I don't think I will set it up to play it with PSVR2 release right around the corner. I really hope they being this one over to it.