Sea of Thieves Reveals Halo Cosmetics & Promises "Another Magical Year"

Today Rare published a new video showing off what's coming to its game-as-a-service Sea of Thieves in the near future, including Halo cosmetics.

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P_Bomb221d ago

This one turned things around. I’ll redownload it.

Profchaos221d ago

Devs "hey Phil were seeing the numbers drop off our live service game"

Phil "you better put some warthogs on that dammn s*** "


An Update on Sea of Thieves Season Ten

Christina writes: "Hello, pirates. As some of you may have seen, we released a video today detailing some of the changes we’ve had to make to our upcoming release roadmap. Unfortunately, this includes the difficult decision to push back the launch of Season Ten to Thursday, 19th October 2023."

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Christopher60d ago

Difficult but better than the alternative. This game has had stellar support whether you like the gameplay or not. Nothing wrong with trusting then to make sure the new content is good enough for release.


Sea of Thieves Will Celebrate Legend of Monkey Island Crossover With Pirate Emporium Cosmetics

Sea of Thieves will soon get one of the most appropriate crossovers ever with Legend of Monkey Island, you can dress to impress for the occasion.

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Sea of Thieves Showcases Content Coming With Tomorrow's Update

Today Rare released a new video about its popular game-as-a-service Sea of Thieves, which will receive an update tomorrow, April 13.

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Christopher165d ago

This is one of those games where I wish I was into it because the support has been great, but I'm just not. They are a standout for free updates and support, though.

Abriael165d ago

I know I would enjoy the heck out of it if only it had a PvE-only server. It's right up my alley, but the forced "everywhere" PvP just turns me off. I'm fairly confident a lot of people feel the same way.

SimpleSlave165d ago

"Guys!!! Arkane is making their move!!"
"Yeah. They're encroaching on our mid status."
"Those bastards. Don't they know we are Microsawfts faves?
"I know. But what can we do?"
"Quick! What do we have that we can use for an update community youtube thingy?"
"Uh...we....we have some emotes and some skins and some random assets?! Will that do?"
"Perfectly mid. POST AWAY MATEY!!!!"