Resident Evil 3 Remake Has Been Demade

An animator by the name of Rustic Games has recreated the opening sequence of the Resident Evil 3 Remake in the style of the original games.

KeyAppearance105d ago

That's pretty neat, would not at all mind playing a full version of the remake like this :D

Eidolon104d ago

Yeah, neat. Wouldn't mind a game like this, fixed camera(no tank controls), pre-rendered background, curren-gen graphics, QOL UI inv and equipment management etc.

BandarHub104d ago

Capcom can easily get a small team together and make these kinds of games and set up a trend of demakes.
With the tech we have nowadays, developers can churn up a story, the same tank gameplay in a month. Put it up in the store for a fiver and and watch it turn into millions

cthulhucultist104d ago

lol that's actually interesting

mastershredder104d ago

De-making a game that was already previously a PS1 game (and better quality than the Demake) is kind of a moot point.

zidane1341104d ago

You need to play the ps1 version again if you seriously think the graphics are better then this.

Eidolon104d ago

They literally reduced the graphics to try to be more PS1/PS2 esque. Why even compare graphics?

CrimsonWing69104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

it's come full circle.

Honestly, these versions of Resident Evil will always be Resident Evil to me. Just the whole obtuse puzzle like aspect, back tracking, fixed camera angles, sound effects, rushing into the menus. Lol, it's brilliant.

Miss the good ol' days.