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From GamesReviews:"Metroid Prime was one of the best games from the Nintendo Gamecube. And now its back! How does the game look now? Does it hold up gameplay wise? Here our review of Metroid Prime Remastered for the Nintendo Switch"

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GotGame818114d ago

It sucks Nintendo is releasing 2 and 3 for Switch. The reason I say that is they should have just released the remastered trilogy. They could have charged $69.99 for it. Instead it looks like Nintendo is going to sell them separately at $39.99 I am guessing, because that is what Prime released at.

I will buy them, but common Nintendo. Metroid Prime remastered is fantastic though. It looks better than I expected, and still runs @ 60fps on Switch. Hard to believe how old it is.

HeliosHex113d ago

This game has aged like fine wine. Looks and plays awesome docked or not. A must buy if you have a switch. Just try not to think about how Nintendo robbing you yet again and enjoy the game. A true classic.