Wild Hearts Developer Addresses PC Performance Concerns, DLSS and FSR to be Added Later

Omega Force has revealed that a patch for Wild Hearts will be released next week to address the CPU bottleneck issues. DLSS and FSR will also be added to the game at a later date.

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GoodGuy09230d ago

Hmm I may have to wait for these patches until I purchase the game. Shame it's having these problems on PC. I may just have to go for the console version if these aren't fuxed.


Specter of the Eclipse Tsukuyomi Invades Wild Hearts in New Update

EA has recently released the new Wild Hearts Tsukuyomi content update.

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Wild Hearts finally adds Nvidia’s DLSS, Sadly the performance woes still exist

A new Wild Hearts update finally adds DLSS, but sadly the stuttering that plaques the game still exists.

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jznrpg135d ago

The game looks interesting but it came out at the wrong time . I just have too much to play and it’s low on my list.

Goosejuice135d ago

I enjoyed it a decent amount. Combat is fun and fluid. More fast paced monster hunter pretty much. But the performance was terrible. Huge fps drops in middle of combat even if u lowered the settings. And the not that many monsters...they have the same monsters reused and recolored to make it seem like more.

GoodGuy09135d ago

What a dump of a port... I'm just waiting til it hits $20 or below or when it gets fixed. And EA is charging $70 lol.


How to unlock Limit Break in Wild Hearts

The Outerhaven shows you how to access the new "Limit Break" ability in Wild Hearts, which increases your weapon's DPS or armor effectiveness.

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