Metroid Prime Remastered review – Metro

The GameCube classic gets a remaster that far exceeds expectations and reconfirms Metroid Prime as one of Nintendo's best games ever.

roadkillers114d ago

Never played any of them… never liked space shooters, but I do want to give this a try

XbladeTeddy114d ago

I'm the same, not my type of setting. Have tried the Metroid games but although I can see they're well made I wasn't having fun with it. Try it you may enjoy it.

Levii_92114d ago

I adore sci fi FPS games so i tried this trilogy years ago on the Wii and i absolutley HATED the controls, there was no way i could enjoy the games that way so i'm super excited to play this remaster next month and finally see what's the fuss all about !

GotGame818114d ago

Metroid Prime, doesn't all take place in space. It also takes you to planet Tallon IV. I would be surprised if you didn't like it.

GoodGuy09114d ago

Bout 4hrs in and man was this game a gem. I've always wanted to play them back then but I was a kid with no money lol. We had the first game but the disc was broken...

Game holds up very well and you could even say this was a completely new game made for switch.

cthulhucultist114d ago

They should have released a collection instead. But I will take what is offered as I always liked those games on Gamecube