Xbox Store Publisher Spotlight Series & ID@Xbox Gaming Together Sales

Daily Video Game writes: "Today, Xbox Store has just kicked off two new digital game sales, featuring several critically acclaimed titles and coop games on sale with deep discounts for Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One gamers right now!"

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The Witcher Trilogy bundle just hit its lowest-ever price thanks to Steam Summer Sale

The Witcher Trilogy bundle is currently listed with an 89% discount on Steam, and you can save over $60 thanks to this Summer Sale discount.

anast15d ago

It's been cheaper on GoG and you can own the game DRM free.


Cult of the Lamb | Unholy Alliance | August 12

Unholy Alliance, the next FREE major update for Cult of the Lamb, is available August 12th, 2024! 🎮🧑‍🤝‍& #129489;

Join hands with an unlikely, corrupted ally in LOCAL CO-OP! Because friends that slay together, stay together.

If you find yourself alone in this vast, dark plane of existence - fear not. There is much, much more in this update for you too... 😘

anast39d ago

Like others have said, when I revisited this game on PS5, I noticed some performance issues.


The 7 Best Western RPGs: Immersive Adventures

RPGs are often huge, sprawling endeavours. With limited playtime, we have to choose wisely, so here's the best western RPGs available today.

SimpleSlave103d ago

"I started playing games yesterday" the List... Meh!

How about a few RPGs that deserve some love instead?
1 - Alpha Protocol - Now on GOG
2 - else Heart.Break()
3 - Shadowrun Trilogy
4 - Wasteland 2
5 - UnderRail
6 - Tyranny
7 - Torment: Tides of Numenera

And for a bonus game that flew under the radar:
8 - Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

DustMan103d ago

Loved Alpha Protocol in all it's glorious jank. Great game.

SimpleSlave103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Not only glorious jank, but the idea that the story can completely change depending on what you do, or say, or side with, makes it one of the most forward thinking games ever. The amount of story permutation is the equivalent of a Hitman level but in Story Form. And it wasn't just that the story changed, no, it was that you met completely new characters, or missed them, depending on your choices. Made Mass Effect feel static in comparison.

Alpha Protocol was absolutely glorious, indeed. And it was, and still is, more Next Gen than most anything out there these days. In this regard at least.