FromSoftware Is The Only Studio Capable Of Reviving Tenchu

Tenchu pioneered the stealth genre but has since faded into obscurity. Here's why FromSoftware is the only one that can revive it.

Snookies12485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

"Here's why FromSoftware is the only one that can revive it."
I mean, yeah? They hold the Tenchu IP... Not like anyone else could do something with it. It's a real shame they haven't done anything with it though. Sekiro was nice, but it wasn't Tenchu. I'd much rather have had a Tenchu remake/reboot than Sekiro, honestly.

lodossrage485d ago

It's almost as bad as that article where someone wrote "Armored Core 6 should get the FromSoftware boss treatment".

It's like the writer had no clue Armored Core was ALWAYS made by FromSoftware from the very start of the series

shinoff2183485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

I still remember kings field. That was the og fromsoft game if I remember right. Game was hard af. Alot in their games today can be traced

Or I just can't remember. This was 97 98

porkChop485d ago


I would love a new King's Field. It's been over 21 years since the last main release though.

shinoff2183484d ago


It was pretty tough at first. I originally never heard of it. I was upstairs at a neighbors smoking and said to then hey let me check a game out. I went to my apartment threw it in and was hooked. Very fun but hard game till you get the hang of it.

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isarai485d ago

I hate that that's originally what they were doing, and turned it into Sekiro instead early on.

ApocalypseShadow485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Not without Acquire they're not.

Such enjoyment playing Shinobido on PSP and the UK PS2 game. The spiritual successor to Tenchu. Don't forget the developer. The same ones that developed the original game and Way of the Samurai.

Snookies12485d ago

Wasn't there a Shinobido 2 on Vita? I recall playing the series. It had some of the spirit of Tenchu, but it was just lacking something. Couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly that was. Way of the Samurai (the original) will always hold a special place for me though. There was absolutely nothing else like it when it first came out. I spent hundreds of hours playing it again and again. Which reminds me that I still need to finish WotS 4 as well...

ApocalypseShadow484d ago

There was a sequel. They tried some different things over time. I didn't buy a Vita though. So I didn't get to play the game. Only seen video of the sequel. But Acquire made that feel from Tenchu to Way of the Samurai to Shinobido. From didn't.

From might make a good Ninja stealth game. But it may not have the same feeling from it. As Isarai said above, From started making a Tenchu game and ended up with Sekiro. Good. But just not the same.

TheColbertinator485d ago

Great games. Imagine the mechanics,art and music of Tenchu combined with the graphics engines of Like a Dragon.