PS5 Best-Selling Console in the US in January, Dead Space Debuts in 2nd

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in the US in January 2023 in terms of units sold, according to figures from The NPD Group. NPD includes the dates for the four week period of January 1 to January 28.

The PlayStation 5 had its best January to date in terms of units and dollar sales.

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Nyxus108d ago

The Last of Us Part 1 went from 36 to 11 due to the tv series. Also, Forspoken at 7, not too bad actually.

darkrider107d ago

Tlou was great move from Sony.

Chevalier107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

It was grating trying to explain why TLOU Remake was made for the launch of the TV series and people arguing back. This is exactly what was expected when the TV launched and people decided to buy the game as well. Like that Stat recently that suggested 30% of PS5 owners didn't have a PS4.

Sonic1881107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Forspoken is a big surprise. I actually thought the game was decent

Nyxus107d ago

Yeah I'll pick it up somewhere down the line. Waiting for a price drop though.

Traecy107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

It's a good game. People here saying it isn't haven't played the game in its entirety nor own the game.

andy85107d ago

It's very good. I loved it

SierraGuy107d ago

Games awesome...if it was on series x they'd be chanting GOTY.

Ra3030107d ago

Seems to be a big secret but many others thought it was a good game as well am I just guessing but in a couple years when this games releases on the other console those that haven't played it but are very vocal about how much this game sucks will have a change of tune.

repsahj107d ago

Grats to forspoken, beautiful game. Not a masterpiece but a great game for me.

ABizzel1107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

It's a solid B/A tier game, in a world where everyone except every game to be AAA or AAAA blockbusters.

infamous Second Son JRPG edition.

Silly Mammo104d ago

Probably be the next game I buy when I finish Hogwarts

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darkrider107d ago

Supply incoming and sales of the ps5 on top on all markets

SullysCigar107d ago

I can see this being the case almost always now the supply issue appears to have been fixed.

darkrider107d ago

They should do psvr2 bundle, because it's freaking brutal. Horizon in vr is crazy stuff. Also kayak vr is super fun.

VersusDMC107d ago

Hopefully Dead Space sold well enough for EA to greenlight DS2 getting remade.

-Foxtrot107d ago

Hell I’ll take a Dead Space Extraction reimagining but an actual full game not a on rail Shooter

VersusDMC107d ago

Since it takes place on Aigis VII and Ishimura they can reuse 80% of the environments it would be the cheaper option...but i want DS2 more as it's my favorite. But i would absolutely take both!

-Foxtrot107d ago

Yeah I’d like DS2

I’d just really want to see the downfall of the Ishimura in real time

edeprez107d ago

Yeah that thing was painful to play thru back in the day. I was pumped to play DS2, and the pre-order bonus was quite a disappointment. Remake that sucker in the same engine as the Dead Space Remake.