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Indeed, there is magic in the air with this masterpiece.

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CrimsonWing69108d ago

First real Game of the Year contender, but will probably get snubbed at the VGAs…

hotnickles107d ago

For sure since the awards are given by the same people who wrote the trash reviews with a trans fundraiser attachment lol. Even the people that don’t want to talk about it have a disclaimer like this review:

“It’s not a matter of analyzing the controversy surrounding it, or who made what, or what certain websites will call a review when it’s anything but. This is a review of Hogwarts Legacy.”

It is a matter apparently. I have nothing against trans people but the game media is awful, one of the worst.

TheSenorCheese107d ago

Still, it's a better disclaimer than other sites devoting several paragraphs to get. Gets right to the point.

And beats whatever the heck Wired did.