Red Dead Redemption Now Runs at 60 FPS on Xbox Series X/S Thanks to Emulation

Red Dead Redemption has only been released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it is now possible to play it at 60 frames per second (FPS) on Xbox Series.

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Profchaos107d ago

This is not the Xbox backwards compatibility program is using a third party emulator you must install then you need to source a copy of the games files to play not the installed version

JL2930107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

And you can only play it at 720p because of texture flicker. Myself, I would take the resolution over the framerate.

Sgt_Slaughter106d ago

The resolution will get better as development gets improvements and optimizations, so soon people won't have to choose. Not to mention, with this emulator that means the library of games that work on Xbox Series S/X will grow exponentially

MeatyUrologist107d ago

RDR2 not having a next gen update is one of the biggest disappointments of this gen. It is a game that just screams for 60 fps or updated graphical features. It also goes to show how greedy Rockstar have become. With the untold piles of billions that their 10 versions of gta5 have sold, they still couldn't be bothered to put a small team together to do this and give millions of fans what they want.

I used to have the utmost respect for these guys, but I am starting to doubt their ability to make another game that won't just be a cash grab.

Computersaysno107d ago

Works fine on PC in 4K and 60FPS. DLSS also makes it more accessible.

OtterX107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Good to hear, because that works wonderfully with my 150+ hour PS4 save. 🤦‍♂️

((I have a decent PC now, but I'm not starting over. I'd prefer a PS5 upgrade to continue on and also hit that Platinum))

EvertonFC107d ago

Don't think that helps console ONLY gamers

Computersaysno106d ago

I'm just confused what the problem is with my statement. You want to play RDR2 with 60FPS and high resolution and much better quality? Then you can do it- on PC. It's not impossible like Rockstar are denying that opportunity to you.

So you bought a PS5 or whatever else instead then ok, you can't. You also can't play Halo or whatever either. Just your choice I guess. That's life.

MeatyUrologist106d ago

The problem is everyone knows you can buy a $2000 pc and play it at 60fps, you didn't need to point it out.

My comment was in regard to how most every other AAA developer has been doing this for next gen consoles and many of them for free. Throw in the fact that Rockstar has made literally 6 billion dollars off of milking gtav yet couldn't be bothered to have a couple folks roll out a next gen update as a service to their loyal fans. You can defend them all you want, but it is just greed pure and simple.

redrum06106d ago

Sure whatever, Mr. PC master race. PS5 and XSX are more than capable enough to run RDR2 in 60 FPS. While a lot of game companies release patches/updates to enhance the experience on current gen consoles, Rockstar still remains a money grabbing pu**y a** b*tch and probably will release an updated version which you probably have to pay for.

Yes, PC's don't have these performance restrictions, good for you. Doesn't mean console players should be left out though.

Jin_Sakai106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

“I'm just confused what the problem is with my statement. You want to play RDR2 with 60FPS and high resolution and much better quality? Then you can do it- on PC.“

The problem is that gamers shouldn’t have to buy into another platform for that experience when Rockstar Games are fully capable of releasing a 60fps patch for RDR2 on current gen consoles.

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YodaCracker106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

I’d rather them focus on GTA VI. What game has Rockstar developed that was a cash grab? The closest thing I can think of are remasters, which is exactly what you’re asking for! RDR2 is proof enough that Rockstar still cares about making an incredible single player game. I remember people being worried before release that they would be more focused on the online component as a cash grab, and clearly that was not the case.

GTA VI will come out and set the bar for open world games, just like GTA V and RDR2 did before it. You can’t convince me otherwise. Five years later, there’s still no open world that even comes close to the depth and detail of RDR2. Rockstar’s ambition only seems to grow with every release, which sadly translates to longer and longer development times. If they simply wanted to grab our cash, they would be releasing lower quality GTA games every few years. Cash grabs don’t take a decade to make!

MeatyUrologist106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

The cash grab was keeping a game alive for 3 console generations so they could chill out and collect billions of dollars of microtransactions from gtaonline. All their lifelong dedicated fans wanted was a single player expansion to RDR2 or GTAV, or a next gen port of RDR2, but nah, too much to ask.

Do you really think it would take away massive development time from GTA6 to simply unlock the framerate on ps5? At this point I'd be surprised if gta6 even has a single player component.

S2Killinit107d ago

Pretty cool. RDR was a great great, to play it at 60 frames on series X should be great.

warriorcase106d ago

So it's a Xenia port, nice. With Xenia now on xbox that means we can also emulate the unreleased Goldeneye remake. Seem to work but crashes and requires more patching currently.

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