Metroid Prime Remastered Has Changed Samus' Face

Looks like everything got changed in the Remaster...even Samus' bone structure.

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Phlacky115d ago

If that's masculine then call me gay.

SeTTriP115d ago

Nope I'm at work took quick glance, saw some defined cheeks instantly assumed it was to make her more masculine.

My bad I deserve all the hate for that one 🤦‍♂️

CrimsonWing69115d ago


Lol, It’s all good, man. You’ll get your balls busted a little, but nothing nobody hasn’t experienced on N4G before.

Sciurus_vulgaris115d ago

It’s odd that Samus has a realistic looking face in Metroid Prime 1. In the sequels Samus’ face is cartoony, if not anime inspired. A lot of work was put into this remaster. Effects, models, environments etc. have all been redone.

Concertoine114d ago

I always preferred it. It always grounded the Prime games and made Samus seem more real.

curtain_swoosh115d ago

she looks much older in the remaster than the more juvenile look in the og. not sure why they did that tbh.

jznrpg115d ago

It looks less cartoony and now more realistic than the original not younger vs older .

badz149114d ago

it's just so that they can discredit the original devs and remove their names from the credits and hope that people won't notice!

jznrpg115d ago

Similar just more modern textures imo

HeliosHex114d ago

She looks a bit older and battle hardened. Looks appropriate for my girl samus.

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