Metroid Prime Dev "Let Down" As Original Credits Excluded From Remaster

Currently, the original developers are credited via a generic slate.

It's safe to say that it's the original developers who conceptualised and built these games in such a way that they're worthy of a remaster or remake today. Even if they had nothing to do with the new iteration, the dev team behind a remaster would be nowhere without the original vision – and so, the original dev team deserves a place in the credits of a remaster. That's exactly how former Retro studios engineer Zoid Kirsch feels.

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Knushwood Butt109d ago

Based on the work of the original development team.

That's pretty low..

Double_O_Revan109d ago

Depending on how long the credits are for the current team, I can see why it would be decided not to essentially double that.

Welshy109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

How long or short credits are is irrelevant. Every man or woman who put their time into the creation of anything (tv, movies, animation etc too) should have their names stamped on it, no excuses.

Noone realistically sits and reads every name and actually thanks them, but it's important to the people involved to have it there for what small validation or thanks it brings them. A little thing they can show their friends and family for years to come and feel proud to have contributed to. Kind of like seeing your face for 1 frame in the crowd on TV at a football match and having your own little stamp to show you were there.

Welshy109d ago

Without those original devs, there is no beloved game to remaster and put new names on. Disappointing Nintendo, do the right thing and patch it in.

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