The Witcher 3 next-gen patch 4.01: one step forward, one step back

Digital Foundry's complete guide to the upgrades - and downgrades - for The Witcher 3 patch 4.01, tested on Xbox Series consoles, PS5 and PC.

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JokerBoy129107d ago

How the hell did they mess up the performance mode?! It was almost locked to 60 before! Now it barely hits 50!

andron107d ago

Yeah, hopefully it's a bug or something...

JokerBoy129106d ago

We already found out there was a community mod in the patch. Curious if something else slipped in too that is causing this performance drop...

jznrpg106d ago

Maybe a penis mod slipped in with the vagina mod

106d ago
1nsomniac106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Not this again! Are they incapable of patching this franchise properly.

P_Bomb106d ago

“This is bad comedy” - Galvatron