Bobby Kotick: Sony "Trying to Sabotage" Microsoft-Activision Deal

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has accused Sony of "trying to sabotage" the Microsoft-Activision deal, claiming Sony's leadership team stopped talking to anyone at Microsoft.

XiNatsuDragnel114d ago

Bobby how is Sony trying to sabotage this awful deal ?

CrimsonWing69114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

By saying they’d go under without COD?

Not returning calls to negotiate?

Claiming harassment when asked to provide documentation for the courts to prove without COD they can’t survive?

S2Killinit114d ago

Parties in lawsuits are not supposed to talk to each other.

Claiming harassment that the Judge ruled was harassment. But who is counting right?

porkChop114d ago

Sony is not a party in the lawsuit. The suit is between the FTC and Microsoft.

CrimsonWing69113d ago

I don’t see what the big deal of asking Sony to provide documentation.

Sony is saying Microsoft is “asking for too much.”

Look, I like my PS5 as much as the next fanboy but you can’t tell me if the tables were flipped you wouldn’t be calling Microsoft out.

Besides the question was how is Sony sabotaging the merger. I gave a few examples.

CrimsonWing69113d ago


Can you explain to me what “discovery” is for common law?

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Neofire113d ago

Porkchop you made your comment contradict itself 🤣 by saying Sony isn't part of the lawsuit but ABK is sending them information they have been told to stop doing? Sound like harassment to me 😂😂😂 28514;

Give something repeatedly to someone in the mail or in person after they've told you to stop and see what happens to your ass lol.

nirwanda113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

@poopmaster are you saying the ftc should use all Sony's hearsay as evidence without proof.
If sonys making the complaint they need to back it up Microsoft is demanding the proof, Sony's being non compliant.
Sony are making accusations without wanting to provide evidence.
Microsoft are saying Sony are not telling the truth and also they can't compete because of 3rd party deals(blocking gamepass, 3rd party exclusives)by market leader go take a look at the deals, but Sony's wants to hide all this from the authorities.

S2Killinit113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Discovery is a phase during which the parties in a litigation seek information that is reasonable likely to result in RELEVANT and ADMISSIBLE evidence.

This MOFO Kotick is acting like MS and Activision are even allowed to talk to Sony.

MS is in litigation with the FTC, and MS is bringing Sony in as an adverse witness, and then this Kotick guy acting like they expect their competition to come in to help them… wtf.

Im 100% sure the deal will go through because the FTC has never been able to stop these large acquisitions, but I hope they can at least put some restraints on them.

wiz7191113d ago

@Porkchop Sony isn’t a party in the lawsuit but is the most vocal out of everyone that’s in it .. how does that even work ? Every year people complain how COD is corny and is still that same game every year , but making this big a fuss over that one franchise. I’m so confused at this point

4Sh0w113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

lol, HOW?

Whether you like the deal or not Sony definitely did their best to sabotage it. They literally claimed their whole gaming business is doomed WITHOUT COD. smh Sony has been playing dirty their entire existence you just cant admit your favorite company is no Saint.

rippermcrip113d ago

When did they say they'd go under? They didn't.

Why would they negotiate? Microsoft is trying to buy their way to success with trillions of dollars.

Courts already agreed Sony was right.

frostypants113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

There is nothing TO negotiate until the FTC lawsuit is over. There is literally zero reason for Sony to negotiate with MS or Activision before that because the outcome of this determines far too much. Also, Sony owes nothing to the courts that the COURT doesn't ask for. The court agreed with Sony that MS was out of line with some of their requests (largely because Sony is not part of the lawsuit). You need to keep up man.

If the deal doesn't go through, Kotick will be out the door (as he should have been ages ago) and then Sony will talk to Activision.

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DarXyde113d ago

I think it's fairly clear that Sony doesn't want it to happen and they are actively trying to prevent it. I would call that sabotage, but I also agree with them doing it.

At the end of this article, it mentions the CMA recommending large-scale divestment in Call of Duty and/or parts of ABK to allow the deal to go through. If the acquisition was not about control or restricting access to their ecosystem, I suspect Microsoft would have already signed on to that. The fact that they haven't is a pretty clear sign they have every intention of pulling the rug out under Sony.

So... Are they trying to sabotage the deal? Umm... Yes. Clearly. But again, I agree with them at least trying to fight this. Realistically, Call of Duty is probably all Sony really cares about here. The fact that Microsoft hasn't been willing to declare divestment for this single franchise is very telling about their intentions.

I should add: if the deal fails, there needs to be no more buying exclusive/timed exclusive content, full stop. It's such a BS practice.

jznrpg113d ago

There are no laws to stop it so it won’t .

113d ago
Gamer_Dude112d ago

By going behind closed doors and talking to regulators?

Thundercat77114d ago

This man is very desperate. I bet many heads will roll when this deal is officially blocked.

PapaBop114d ago

That's the silver lining here.. Having Kotick crawl out of his hole and go on such an offensive never happens, to see him seemingly sweating brings a little joy to my cold black heart.

CobraKai114d ago

This guy has been quiet for years. He needs this deal to happen. It’s obvious with the way he’s acting.

cell989113d ago

He can't cash out if it doesn't come through

Hofstaderman113d ago

@PapBop I know right, it’s like he’s on a treadmill and somebody turned the dial right up to the highest speed.

azzkikr8502114d ago

He was awfully quiet when all the allegations against sexual harrassment was around. Guess it never benefited him compared to this deal where he will make millions

JackBNimble113d ago

It isn't blocked yet .... if this goes through, all you sonyboys who don't play cod are going to be furious.

SurgicalMenace113d ago

You want them to be furious, which says more about your nature.

113d ago
JackBNimble113d ago

I couldn't care any less one way or the other .
For one, I don't play cod or have an xbox. I also don't see the big deal since sony has had the rights to timed exclusive dlc and marketing for an entire generation.
On top of that MS has offered Sony a 10 year deal .

parkesy78113d ago

According to Reuters, Kotick will receive at least $390 million when the Microsoft deal is completed

Thundercat77112d ago

Plus he will be free of the sexual harrasment at court. His life depends on this deal to go through. That's why he is so upset and desperate.

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darkrider114d ago

People must understand kotick... He is getting from Microsoft the golden check. He will say and try everything he can to make deal be approved.

JackBNimble113d ago

Yet Kotick is merely a bystander at this point, he can't do anything.

Omac_brother114d ago

Sounds like Bobby is trying to protect the golden parachute payment he would be in line to receive if Activision were to be sold...

theindiearmy113d ago

And if someone offered you a million dollar check, how would you react to others trying to prevent it from happening? Probably in a very similar fashion. Going to do what you can to protect the offer and make it happen. Hate Kotick all you want for whatever he's done, but don't act like you wouldn't do the same thing if someone offered you a substantial amount of money.

Omac_brother112d ago

Not quite - it's a very different issue here. Activition's board would likely have booted Kotick long before now if it wasn't for the need for stability during this deal. His position was untenable after all the abuse allegations came out and it was publicised that he knew about them and did nothing. Kotick knows his days are numbered. He knows he has no place in Acti after the deal, but will be getting a sweet payment out of it. The alternative is that the deal doesn't go through and he is let go with a much smaller settlement.

theindiearmy112d ago

Which has nothing to do with the current situation of him trying to get the deal through nor anything I said at all. So not sure why you even brought any of that up.

Even so, he would have gotten a huge payday if ousted.

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