Hogwarts Legacy PC Performance Analysis & Settings Guide

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PC, and you will probably need to do a lot of settings tinkering to get it running well.

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Lexreborn2528d ago

5 hours into the game, so far performance has been pretty spotty. In hogwarts it’s 60 locked ultra settings. In mead town it was crazy all over the place. Lots of world clipping as well and fast travel takes about 5 seconds.

I assume they aren’t leveraging the tech in for quick loads. The magic is cool, albeit not very impactful yet it fits for the world we are in. Not a fan of the transitions between opening doors as it really slows down a lot.

All in all though in the performance side it’s playable for sure. Just trying to get to the open world though as the first 5 hours is really dragged down by a lot of dialogue and side missions

GameBoyColor528d ago

As i stated before I upgraded from a 3070 to a 4090 and the game still suffers from major fps drops, especially in hogsmead where i get lows of 20fps to high of 60ish. the game doesn't stutter as much though unlike on my 3070 and i suspect it's because I now have a ridiculous 24gb of vram available to brute force the game. Something is definitely wrong with how the engine uses gpu memory or maybe even ram.

Tapani528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Can confirm this, still plenty of problems with the game. We are on 4090 + 5800X3D and using 4K120hz including frame generation. The FPS can drop to mid 70s (causing FG show erroneous frames) and increase to 120fps in an instant, depending on the area. This game has not been fully optimized yet, but it can be played quite enjoyably if you are not a pixed peeping FPS hog. As I have become the latter, I'll be playing it personally later once it's patched, but wife doesn't mind going through it as is. I also find the game very washed out in both SDR and HDR, albeit latter is better.

Einhander19728d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The platform breakdowns really show how irrelevant xbox has come for selling software.

1 Hogwarts Legacy Switch 41%, PS5 26%, PS4 24%, Xbox 5%

2 EA Sports FC 24 Switch 34%, PS5 28%, PS4 26%, Xbox 12%

OtterX8d ago

Yea, you can see why some developers and publishers are increasingly starting to skip XBox all together. Unless you're in a small minority of successful and highly played Gamepass games, you're pretty much taking a payout on your game just to rot and die on the service.

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago

Not that surprising, the Switch has some killer exclusive titles, so people have to own a Switch to play them.


Hogwarts Legacy Summer 2024 Update Trailer

This sounds like another great update for the game as Warner Bros. Games today announced that the Hogwarts Legacy Summer 2024 update is officially live on all platforms for players who own the game.

Kosic46d ago

Great game, but this summer update was over hyped. It's just a camera mode and dlc from Playstation to Xbox...


Was Hogwarts Legacy Only Successful Because Of Nostalgia?

Shahmeer from eXputer: "I've always wondered whether the success of Hogwarts Legacy had much to do with nostalgia. The RPG is great but certainly not free of issues."

Markdn83d ago

I totally agree, and no replay value for sure but enjoyed every minute I was playing it. Not a Harry Potter fan but still really enjoyed

Lexreborn283d ago

I still haven’t finished it, mostly due to it not holding my interest after 20 hours. Wouldn’t say it’s a bad game, wouldn’t say it’s amazing I really can’t judge it fully due to not completing it.

Lexreborn283d ago

lol are people upset because I said I put 20 hours into the game and that because I haven’t finished I won’t criticize it’s value or if nostalgia generates it’s success? That’s funny

CrimsonWing6983d ago

Harry Potter is one of the biggest IPs in the world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why it sold so much. It’s a great game on top of that, so the math kind of maths here.

Can’t wait for the article on if Zelda or Mario only sold well due to nostalgia.

Crows9083d ago

They're trying to find a fake reason for its success...the mainstream hate how successful it became because of the writer behind the series.

So now they want to say that people bought it not because they liked it but only because of nostalgia....as if harry potter is really that old or even a classic IP in the game industry.

thorstein83d ago

That doesn't even make any sense. The author made those statements before the game released. People knew ahead of time and wanted a boycott.

But most people knew any boycott would only punish the people who worked on the game and put their hearts into it (like most boycotts).

So many people bought it, enjoyed it immensely, and moved on.

VenomUK83d ago

@CrimsonWing69 A greatly in demand IP only takes you so far, if it was crap quality then the reviews and word of mouth would have stalled its sales. But it is a good game (judged by Metacritic and user reviews) and that has given the game legs.

Tzuno83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

ngl, it got me in the first half hour
after that, a big let down, mediocre at every step
only fans are praising it

Markdn83d ago

In what way was it mediocre, can't really find anything about it that was mediocre and I'm not a hp fan

Demetrius83d ago

It's still a good game almost time for a 2nd playthrough, the passion they put into it is🔥🔥 crazy how after a couple months or a year folks get to complaining about this n that about certain games smh childish mfs