Game-Boyz: PS3 Wireless Keypad Review

Game Boyz writes: "If there is one thing that I have come to love with the online gaming on consoles it is the fact that there are so many different ways to get a hold of those on my friends list should I want to send a message, chat, or organize a game. From voice messaging, texting to video chat, the options are pretty varied. Personally, I find that I am a big fan of text messaging, as it is easy to read and in some ways easier to do. I am sure there are those who love voice messaging; however I am a fan of texting as it is easier to read then go into the menu to hear a voice from someone and then respond the same way. About a year or so ago Microsoft launched their Xbox 360 Chatpad. Not one to text on cell phones, the whole QWERTY keypad thing was new to me. Well once I started to use it I was hooked and text messaging became that much easier."

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because I haven't seen them for less than $49.99 but when I went to my local best buy the other day they had them for $32.99