See the new Optimus Prime

Point your eyes at these new photos of Transformer characters Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, two classic heroes revamped for the new generation Transformers movie - and the recently revealed game, of course.

These images show the toy figures made for both Autobot characters, giving us a good idea of how Michael Bay's - director of the all-live-action Transformers movie - redesigned robots in disguise will look in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC videogame released this summer.

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ryanjtravis4316d ago

I've gotta say that I'm still a fan of the originals, but they did a nice job with these - they look really cool.

Not sure if I'm too thrilled about Bumblebee being a blatant Chevy advertisement, but the overall design of both models looks great.

Dlacy13g4316d ago

My biggest concern is how they will handle the Decepticons...Mainly Megatron and possibly sound wave. I mean honestly the whole transforming hand gun and boom box just don't seem like they will cut it for a movie.

Munky4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

The Transformers to appear in the movie are:

Optimus Prime


power0919994316d ago

There is a reason he is called Bumblebee. I can asure you it's not because he was a Camaro.

Prime = Cool
Bumblebee = VW Bug not a Camaro.... dunno why that bothers me.

Munky4316d ago

i totally know how you are feeling. For some reason it just seems wrong to have Bumblebee as a Camaro, being a bug suited his character (in the orginal cartoon) more.

gogators4316d ago

that Bumblebee is Camaro? This is really wrong, he can't have been sold out. It's looking more and more like Michael Bay is going to screw this franchise over.

Booneral4316d ago

Optimus with flame design? Uhhh... that's okay but Bumblebee as a camaro?... Argh... I have a bad feeling about this... What if they make Megatron into a motorcycle? Starscream as a bike?!!... *coughs*