From Resident Evil to Dead Space, the Horror Game Remake Trend Is Here To Stay

Major horror franchises like Dead Space and especially Resident Evil are prime choices for updated remakes as technology advances to improve scares.

RaidenBlack112d ago

All I want is an official & true to source F.E.A.R remake
(Trepang2 is a really promising indie spiritual successor but I hope an official remake gets greenlit as well)

hotnickles112d ago

We need a condemned criminal origins remake.

GoodGuy09112d ago

Now if Konami can finally make that Silent Hills game.

sadraiden112d ago

If we've explored every single last theme in horror, to the point of post-modern self-reference and remaking every single last game that did even moderately well in sales, then I guess that's that. Horror these days is 4K jump scares.