New The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay Rides Out

At today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo unveiled The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom new gameplay!

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Kaii40d ago

Let's say something controversial, lack of tech leap In Switch hardware does not justify spending £70 on something that'll probably run at 900p 30fps. (On top of Nintendo's severe lack Of price reductions on owned IP)

Now to put up this riot shield and walk away :p

NecrumOddBoy40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Is this literally $70 Darkworld DLC? Because that is what it looks like. This looks very last gen to be honest. Doesn’t look at all different from BOTW, 5 years ago,

-Foxtrot40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Yeah but like how reviewers would easily take a criticism like this and expand on it within one of their reviews, they'll not do this for this because it would be suicide.

EvertonFC39d ago

Don't most switch games look last gen ?

roadkillers40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Let’s say something controversial, fps and resolution does not affect gameplay story.
(On top of every other company putting out less quality products at the $70 mark). There are games that people will still play that are not HD and probably didn’t hit 30fps

Our hobby is expensive, fact. Probably the cheapest in terms of content and owning the medium. You can purchase a 3hr movie (if that) for $25 bucks. Or you can purchase this 100hr game for $70. Pick your poison.

IanTH40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Would you be OK with it if they did this when BotW released? Cuz that's kinda what this feels like.

It would be akin to Sony (et al) in the PS3 era raising their prices mid-generation to $70 for no reason. Things haven't improved, tech wise, to require more man-power. If Nintendo released a Switch 2 and this was $70 there as an enhanced version, no one would blink.

It is - even in the face of abundant profits at these massive companies - just the way things are now. But what changed between BotW & TotK? Aside from "the other guys" doing it, nothing. At least w/the new generation a case could kind of be made. This feels like Nintendo is doing it to appease shareholders more than anything else.

People will still buy it. It is one of the few games I've got to look forward to on the Switch (they haven't really appealed much to me this gen), so I'll even be one of them. But I still don't think people should be expected to take it with a smile on their face.

roadkillers40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Your first question isn’t apples to apples since BotW released on WiiU and Switch. If they did it for the Switch version then yes.

I understand that you want more tech to show the price jump… there is extra manpower that went into this game to create. GTA4 was priced the same as GTA5, but the difference between the two games initially was GTA4 had hundreds of people who worked on it and GTA5 had thousands. The budget was drastically different and I’m guessing the similar is for TotK (although different scale).

I’m sure there are huge changes that are being overlooked. BotW was on WiiU as well, which was technically less powerful than the Switch. So I’d like to argue that it will be more technically advanced.

I think it’s not Nintendo following shareholders, but more as Nintendo following trends. They seem to follow very few trends except ones that increase their bottom line (which yes, would appease shareholders as well). To me, it’s a horse a piece. The “original” came out 5 years ago. Do you believe that people’s wages have gone up since then? In those 5 years, wages have gone up on average $10,000 per person.

As a gamer, the only downside of Nintendo in my opinion is like what Kaii stated, the games do not drop in price. As a frugal guy who generally waits for price to drop, it sucks. Again, that’s because people who own this console just don’t wait

jwillj2k439d ago

Would you pay $100 for this game? I’m honestly curious where you’d draw the line.

Neonridr39d ago

that's not controversial, that's simply stating facts.

roadkillers39d ago

Jwill - It depends how much I enjoy the game and how long. Mario Odyssey I would be okay at $100. Kirby feels more like a $40 for me. Legend of Zelda BotW I would pay around $50. I test the games before buying (willing to return ones that don’t hit right for me).

Generally tho, I won’t pay that much because there are so many games I’ve missed rn

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CDbiggen40d ago

Saying something against Nintendo on here is not, and will never be, controversial. That said, as a Switch owner I agree, we desperately need that upgrade.

gleepot40d ago

So you'll only pay 70 bucks for something that is high on specs?

I'll pay 70 for this masterpieces gladly.

Dirty_Lemons40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I loved BOTW (decades old Nintendo fan who SOMEHOW never got into Zelda until BOTW) and I'm super excited for TOTK but I still agree with you absolutely.

It doesn't bother me at all it's 1080p, we have all known Nintendo beats to their own tech drum, and £60 is better than £70 but it's still frustrating we never, ever get genuine Nintendo price drops for games. At least they hold their value better than most releases.

Neonridr39d ago

I didn't know resolution dictated how fun a game was. You'd think a game like Gravity Rush was loved by all, but I guess it's garbage because it looked like a PS1 game.

cooperdnizzle39d ago

Gravity rush did not look like a ps1 game…

Neonridr38d ago

@cooperdnizzle - it also wasn't 4K @ 120fps either. People are so worried about whether a game is 4k, 1080p or even 900p and ignore whether or not the game is any good.

-Foxtrot39d ago

I'm more curious to see how they are handling the map

Will it be the same map or a new area

If it's the same map, sure you've got the Sky areas and obviously stuff that have most likely fell / risen below on the ground to make it look sort of different but if they just reuse a map, with five years of development, I'll just be curious to see if they get away with it because if ANY big AAA game had this much development for a sequel and featured roughly the same graphics, frame rate, resolution and the same map with changes here and there they would be rippled apart.

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GoodGuy0940d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Confirmed to be $70 for standard....on terribly old hardware. Nintendo being sneaky sneaky lol.

I have to buy it though, we've waited 6 years for a new 3D zelda. It'll still sell like hotcakes and Nintendo knows. They'll do the same as well with new Mario, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing etc. Nintendo fans are the most dedicated to first party.

RpgSama40d ago

Sony and then MS + other publishers used the jump to a new generation and how games need to be bigger for the increase in price, I guess Nintendo just likes free extra money, because there is really no excuse for them to do this on 15 years old hardware.

Asplundh39d ago

"Sony and then MS + other publishers used the jump to a new generation and how games need to be bigger for the increase in price"

*looks at the $70 TLOU & Demon Souls remake*
*Rolls eyes*

RpgSama39d ago


You can make the case they were cash grabs (specially TLOU part I) but at least they are current gen remakes, Metroid Prime, Nintendo is releasing in 2023 PS3 / early PS4 games for $70


Well where is the collector's edition to preorder? 😑 No links up anywhere just the standard edition.

AzubuFrost40d ago

Don't get your hopes up. Scalpers and their bots will autopurchase the collectors edition while leaving nothing for the normal consumers.


Well shit, oh well. 😕 The fault is mostly on Nintendo, where they don't make enough. They should make 2-3x the amount because they know it will sell.

-Foxtrot40d ago

If it makes you feel better you have a better chance getting it as it won't be a Nintendo Store exclusive.

IanTH40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

FWIW, it's gonna be $130. When I saw it in the Direct, I assumed it would be $99.99 like FE: Engage CE was. It's gonna be $130, which is honestly more than I'm willing to pay for it. Include some kind of season pass, perhaps, but $130 for the few trinkets in there? No shade for those that do find it worthwhile, but I was at least personally put off by it.


On second thought after seeing the listing on best buy, I'm not spending $130🤣 The game is $70 and the other crap actually adds up to $60 for a book and some pins that are made in China, nah I'm good.

-Foxtrot39d ago

The sad thing is Nintendo could make some amazing, high quality collectors editions packed with goodies but they just put the lowest amount of effort into them.

The badges / pin seem like something Nintendo would have just put on their store generally after the games release.

You could have had a statue of Link/Zelda and a really cool replica from the game of something ON TOP of what's being offered, even throw in a soundtrack.

Nintendo have made some really nice things for Club Nintendo over the years, I wish the same could be said for their "collectors" edition. To me this is more like a Limited Edition if anything.

ocelot0740d ago

Silly question am no Zelda fan but did enjoy botw. Is this a sequel to botw?

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