Nintendo Switch Online Adding Game Boy and Game Boy Advance Games

Nintendo has announced that it is adding Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

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Maltaze40d ago

This is probably the best addition to Switch Online so far.

phoenixwing40d ago

If they get final fantasy tactics advance I'll be playing it like no tomorrow

Maltaze40d ago

Oh yeah I loved that game. I did actually... admittedly emulate it earlier as a kid to play it on PC since there were no copies around in my country. Would love to go legit on that title.

OtterX40d ago

Not only one of my favorite GBA titles, but also one of my overall favorite games of all time! I was thinking about that too as they were showing.

I really loved the penalty card system. Many people complained that it was annoying, but I found it an even greater challenge that kept you on your toes, made you think of solutions in new roundabout ways.

I was really happy to see Golden Sun listed for the feature. TLOZ Minish Cap and Mario Bros Super Star Saga are 2 huge scores too. I think I'm finally going to pull the trigger on an Expansion Pack Plus membership. I'm still not happy about the price or the service, but this is enticing enough.

phoenixwing40d ago

Sorry it wasn't available. Not to hate on where you live but it sounds like your place is crap video game wise.

roadkillers40d ago

Oooo, Warioware and Minish Cap!

AnotherGamer40d ago

It took them this long to implement it!

FallenAngel198440d ago

Curious how they reveal this right around the time eShop and Virtual Console will be taken offline for 3DS & Wii U

Nice distraction Nintendo


i was thinking the same tbh