Sony Teasing a Forecast of "Blizzard at Midgard" at Super Bowl LVII This Sunday

Sony's PlayStation division is teasing a "Blizzard on Midgard" at this Sundays Super Bowl LVII, and has included images of Thor's Hammer Mjolnir.

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blackblades43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Super Bowl one of the best event to advertise.

curtain_swoosh42d ago

and the most expensive one too

blackblades42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Lol yeah, a local store of mines paying 3-6mil for a 30sec spot. Seen that on the news today and was like damn hope its worth it. As for Sony it'll be worth it all them 👀 on it.

Urrakia3443d ago

I wonder if it could be a surprise teaser for the God of War series that's supposedly in the works? The only other possibilities IMO are a DLC announcement or simply a new post-release trailer.

VivaLaManual43d ago

They've already said no DLC.

excaliburps43d ago

This is what I am guessing too. Maybe a reveal or announcement trailer for the TV show.

Lore43d ago

“Sony's PlayStation division is teasing an Acti-Blizzard on Midgard"

SeTTriP43d ago

The thought crossed my mind aswell

PureBlood43d ago

That would be an Elon Musk-level troll!

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The story is too old to be commented.