Open Markets Weighs in on Latest in Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard

The Open Markets Institute Europe Director Max von Thun released the following statement with regard to the United Kingdom Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) issuing of provisional findings from its investigation into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

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Nyxus41d ago

"The CMA’s inclination to focus on structural rather than behavioural remedies is the right one. As the CMA itself acknowledges, behavioural remedies are notoriously difficult to monitor and enforce, and unlikely to be effective. The CMA should therefore reject any attempt by Microsoft to address its concerns by offering rivals temporary access to Activision’s game catalogue. It should also avoid entertaining any complex solutions involving partial divestiture, which could undermine Activision’s future as a successful independent business. We therefore urge the CMA to block the acquisition outright."

Orchard41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I mean, are we surprised by that statement? the OMI literally exists to oppose these mergers.

What they want and what happens are typically two different things though.

E.g. they were opposed to Facebooks new VR acquisition, and were supportive of the FTC blocking it. The FTC just lost in court and have said they will not appeal the decision. That also speaks volumes about the kind of cases the FTC is bringing...

Outside_ofthe_Box41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Facebook acquiring VR doesn't affect anything.... like the Acti acquisition would... This is a more legitimate case...

Orchard41d ago

@Outside "Facebook acquiring VR doesn't affect anything"

So why were the FTC blocking it and going to court over it?

Nyxus41d ago

It would be better for everyone if this deal didn't go through. The only ones who are in favor of it are Microsoft and Activision CEOs and some Xbox fanboys. Against it are developers, the FTC, CMA, EU and now also a team of journalists, researchers, lawyers, economists, and advocates.

Outside_ofthe_Box41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


I don't know why. They shouldn't be going to court for that. Don't know why they have an issue with Facebook buying VR, but in the case with Activision there is actual reasonable concern. Them trying to block a VR acquisition doesn't change the legitimacy of the Activision case.

Hofstaderman41d ago

Cmon man give it a rest. There’s still the FTC and EU commission bodies right? They may be swayed by the CMA though…

S2Killinit41d ago

Open Markets also against this shit show MS pulling with Kotick.

Hope they bind them down good, so others dont follow in gobbling up the industry like this.

RauLeCreuset41d ago

Why not use a more relevant example that involves the CMA, not a regulatory body in another country with different processes and laws? Do you have an example of the outcome from the CMA blocking a deal? Perhaps involving an attempted acquisition by the same company from your example, Meta (Facebook)? Meta's attempt to acquire Giphy, maybe? How did that play out? Can you explain what significant differences may exist in the UK process, particularly the appeal process, that could result in a different outcome than the example you gave of the FTC attempting to block a deal?

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XiNatsuDragnel41d ago

CMA + OMI = tag team in protecting gamers .

Orchard41d ago

Hmm? OMI literally hold no power here, they aren't a regulator or associated with any government.

PureBlood41d ago

You hold no power here either, but you insist on having your say. They're free to as well.

The difference is, the OMI has actual knowledge in the field and is considered a credible source on the subject.

Mr_cheese41d ago

One man defence in the comments as always.

Planting green seeds...

Thundercat7741d ago

😂 The same one everytime

UltimateRacer41d ago

Microsoft live rent free in Orchards head.

ApocalypseShadow41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Well, you know. Broken records do play the same tune. Just not the PlayStation startup sound.

Only the same Kermit song, "It's not easy being green." "It's not easy being green." "It's not easy being green."...

On topic, open markets too just joined the party. Lol

SierraGuy40d ago

Gonna be on that crow diet for quite some time 😂

miacosa40d ago

Wow, a fair and reasoned statement. However, I still think that MS has so much money to spread around on this deal for it not to go through in some shape or form.