Gran Turismo 7 on PSVR 2 is "Historically Significant", Says Kazunori Yamauchi

The Gran Turismo series has had a lot of milestones over its 25-year history, but the anticipation surrounding Gran Turismo 7's free launch-day support for PSVR 2 is reaching hype levels not seen in quite some time, if ever. Kazunori Yamauchi feels it, too.

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crazyCoconuts46d ago

"it’s pretty historically significant that a full-spec racing game is now playable in VR"
Project Cars 2 doesn't count?

Neonridr46d ago

or Project Cars 3, or Asetto Corsa, or Dirt Rally. Tons of choices when it comes to VR Racing games.

PureBlood46d ago

"It’s the first time in racing game history that we’re able to do this now, so I think that this really is a significant moment."

Sounds like he's referring to Polyphony, after the half-baked attempt to get GT Sport working in VR on PS4.

GT7 is the full thing finally!

Neonridr46d ago

@PureBlood - for sure, it's awesome that we are getting the full package here in VR. No cut corners or compromises.

masterfox46d ago

indeed it is, 4k hdr, oled , ultra fast framerate, best racing game outhere , and literally full GT7 game in VR?, so yes it is an insta-WIN!, and the average consumer is in reach to get all this even thou with the PSVR2 price tag, no need to spend thousands and thousands of dlls to have such an awesome experience like in PC, and also hassle free from configurations.

XiNatsuDragnel46d ago

This game in VR is a great experience.

Petebloodyonion46d ago

I would say that the historical part is Sony finally giving ppl a true AAA VR experience from one of their top franchises and most importantly at launch.
Not a spin-off story
Not a game from the previous generation
Not a side project from an obscure IP

That's a win in my book.

ApocalypseShadow46d ago

Of course. Sony's biggest franchise delivering high fidelity VR to consoles. That's nothing but 💯 win. If they bring other Sony in-house franchises to VR, that's going to be sick.

Start the dreaming. Ape escape, Rachet and Clank, Siren, GOW, Killzone, Resistance.. I mean damn. Sony's got Sony many franchises that it could be amazing to see.

But good on Kaz and team bringing GT7 to the next level. Maybe it'll get other top racers to join the party.

C-H-E-F44d ago

Killzone VR would be amazing. I know alot of people hated it but I loved Shadow Fall. I think it will also allow them to pivot the series as well and reintroduce it to this new gen of gamers.

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