Hi-Fi Rush – Explaining the Ending and Whether Hi-Fi Rush 2 Will Happen

Xbox's surprise hit took the industry by storm following its shadow drop. A sequel seems inevitable - learn more about where it could go next.

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Rocosaurus48d ago

The game is a runaway success. Of course a sequel will happen.

BandarHub48d ago

It was a really good game and a much-needed game for the genre of hack and slash to survive on consoles...last time we got a game like this was DMC5...Sorry, Bayonetta 3 your not really utilising the full power of consoles.
Xbox/Bethesda should funnel more money to Tango GameWorks for a bigger sequel and HI FI rush is a bigger success than the other XGS games.

Michiel198947d ago

Why bigger? Not all games need to be 80 dollar games.