Persona 4 Golden - Review - Jump Dash Roll

Persona 4 Golden brings the definitive edition of a 15-year-old JRPG onto modern systems. Has it aged well? JDR dives into a TV for today's review.

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jznrpg40d ago

7 is a shit score . The game is awesome still to this day

Rutaprkl39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"The representation of (and hostility towards) queerness, unfettered sexism and other unpalatable views which rear their head from time to time really could and should have been adjusted for the modern market."

"Persona 4 Golden will reward you with a richly enjoyable JRPG experience, though the misogyny and homophobic content have really not aged it well."

It's a game ffs, get over it.

SaiyanFury39d ago

Cripes, when they start injecting a review with identity politics in it I tune out. Fantastic game.