Among Us VR to Receive New Map - Vote to Name it Now

Among Us VR is set to receive a new map, based on an earlier map from the original game. Community voting to name it is now open!

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lio_convoy468d ago

This post seems sus. I'm not clicking through.


Don't be Late for the Limited Time Among Us VR Event

Innersloth, Schell Games and Robot Teddy have launched 'Light Out', a limited time event for Among Us VR on Meta Quest, PSVR 2, Pico and PCVR.

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Among Us VR launches on PlayStation VR2 today

The bean party has begun.

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RupeeHoarder168d ago

Great week for PSVR2! Among Us, Arizona Sunshine 2, Resident Evil 4

z2g168d ago

Not great work. I paid 600 to play games worthy of the PlayStation brand, not rehashed mobile games.

Babadook7168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Chock it up to user error. PSVR2 on the other hand is amazing and has amazing games.

z2g168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Still wondering why I shelled out over $600 for this thing…

1Victor168d ago

@z2g:” Still wondering why I shelled out over $600 for this thing…”
Because it was that or a Xbox SX🤷🏿

We all that own it got it for the new games but always fall for the nostalgia trap and buy the “new” adaptations of old games.


All the New VR Games Coming in December

Looking forward to the upcoming festive season of VR titles? Here are all the new VR games coming in December.

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