Square Enix Could Lose its Brand Loyalty Over NFTs

As large companies like Square Enix continue to invest and show interest in crypto and NFTs, the risks of backlash might overshadow potential rewards.

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blackblades45d ago

I think they should stick with the traditional route and make good games to earn the money. Like how Nintendo and Sony doing and that is working.

Furesis45d ago

I doubt that, you have to be a real scum back until people actually care or do something. Plus i haven't seen anything yet so.

lelo2play45d ago

Sony's money will compensate any losses by Square...

H945d ago

Brand loyalty, honestly they kinda lost it since the PS3 era

FinalFantasyFanatic45d ago

I would say before the PS3 era started personally.

Hofstaderman45d ago

They will learn quick enough. They learnt their lesson with Avengers.

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