Hogwarts Legacy – Which House Should You Pick?

Hogwarts Legacy's Houses sort you into one of four groups, each with its own exclusive content. Here are all the differences.

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TeamIcoFan43d ago

Is there a house that allows me to not be a terrible person due to the act of simply buying the game? :<

Christopher43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Any of them.

1. The story and characters in the game are really against the grain of JKR, but it still feels like the same world as far as wizarding and fantasy go.
2. The people who make the game deserve credit for their work.
3. We can enjoy good content regardless of those associated with it and we really should since tons of people who make great content are no better than JKR, tbh. Do you ask your mechanic their political viewpoints when working on your car so you can be sure you're not paying someone who could make you feel bad there?
4. Regardless of JKR opinion, she has done a lot for those in need with her money. Whatever you think of her opinion, some good has come out of her having money, moreso than most corporate owning billionaires out there.

excaliburps43d ago


I hate that the game's mere existence or how if you want to play it needs some sort of explanation.

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andy8543d ago

If you can't separate a medium from its creator I don't know what to tell you. She's already a billionaire, you buying it isn't relevant to her. But what it is relevant is the 'shop floor' people trying to earn a living. And they've created what seems like a fantastic game. Literally anyone in life may have a different view to you, it doesn't mean you'd avoid their services. You wouldn't go around asking the guy serving you in a restaurant his views and walking out if they're different. Same applies. If you like the look of the game, buy it. It doesn't make you a bad person.

ChiefofLoliPolice43d ago

I honestly do not care about Rowlings so called opinion on the whole alphabet people debacle. Well actually let me rephrase wasn't really a opinion it was more of a fact she effectively.

You should buy the game if you want to. Don't let the woke mob tell you what you can and can't enjoy.

Besides that...there is no way I'm missing out of this game. Let the Twitter mob be upset, they won't be making me feel about my choice in supporting this game.

curtain_swoosh43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

yes u take up your controller, and hit yourself with it. hard. for essentially being a moron

azizlksa43d ago

Terrible month for snowflakes, first we get HL, then atomic heart.

RaiderNation43d ago

Clearly no one got the sarcasm. Lol.

TeamIcoFan43d ago

Haters are out in FULL FORCE for this game.
Casually brought up that I pre-ordered this game, ended up getting plot details spoiled.

Imalwaysright43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Probably Ravenclaw as they are the intelligent ones and intelligent people don't deny science and objective reality.

FPS_D3TH42d ago

All and any of them. Buying the game does not make you a terrible person. The people trying to convince you you’re terrible for enjoying the game are in fact, the terrible people.

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Snookies1243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Ravenclaw is the house I wanted. I thought the hat would give us more questions, but it was kind of obvious which answers led to a specific house. I definitely dig the blue/black robes though. Really enjoying the game itself... But the PC port is not great... Going from 60 FPS down to 8 at times when it gets really bad out of nowhere. I seriously hope they patch it. Either that, or we get some fan mod to help out with the drops.

T3mpr1x43d ago

I took that test a couple of years ago and got Gryffindor so I'll prolly just stick with that.

P_Bomb43d ago

We’re running Slytherin.

esherwood43d ago

People making a huge deal about someone belief’s is ridiculous. Everyone doesn’t have to accept you it’s not the end of the world. For making up such a small percentage of the population they sure like to bitch, they also have a high rate of mental illness… there might be a correlation

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