The Callisto Protocol Gets New Hardcore Mode in Free Update

Striking Distance Studio released today a free update for the survival horror game The Callisto Protocol including a new hardcore mode.

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Knushwood Butt113d ago

I'm just about to beat NG+ on Maximum Security difficulty and the game is really easy. You hardly ever need to use guns. The only time you can get into a pinch is if you get enemies both infront and behind you. I'm constantly having to discard ammo to make room in my inventory for items that I can sell for higher value.

antikbaka113d ago

I got too tired of this game after 70% playthrough and changed to easy. Why would anyone need it in hardcore

Knushwood Butt113d ago

Do you not enjoy doing that near-endless dance with the enemies?!

Joking aside, two runs will be plenty for me.

They are supporting it well though. I'm curious what the story DLC will be. Set on Europa maybe?

Knushwood Butt112d ago

Ah, three new trophies come with this update.

Owlbert112d ago

Difficulty levels now count as dlc... gaming truly is dead.

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