Bobby Kotick warns UK risks ‘becoming Death Valley’ if it blocks Microsoft deal

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has claimed that blocking Microsoft’s acquisition of the Call of Duty publisher would represent a major blow to the UK government’s ambition of becoming a technology superpower.

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OtterX43d ago

King Wart would do best to shut his mouth right about now. He escaped the boiling water of scandals for now...

...for now.

Jin_Sakai43d ago

Absolutely cannot stand this guy. The sooner he exits gaming the better.

VenomUK43d ago

He’s concerned. If the deal goes ahead I would think he will make multiple hundred millions of dollars. The CMA are not concerned about that kind of threat.

Godmars29043d ago

That he has warns that he might even keep his job once all this is done. Be given a position directly in MS.

EverydayJoe43d ago

He should probably just lay off another 1000 employees and give himself another 200 million dollar bonus.

DarXyde43d ago

And he very likely will escape if the deal goes through.

Microsoft seems quite okay with that, but there's plenty of blame to go around there. Literally none of the console manufacturers halted game sales when this all happened. It is embarrassing.

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-Foxtrot43d ago

That kind of sounds like a threat

Who does he think he is the Godfather

Eonjay43d ago

Kinda seems like if the deal fails Microsoft found the perfect scapegoat. What is actually wrong with him.

battletrax43d ago

He's the all powerful RichFather

1Victor43d ago

@ fox “ Who does he think he is the Godfather”
No he’s more like the blob’s father.
Did you see how fat he is for a moment I thought it was Jaba the hut

Dre18043d ago

This guy. He wishes he was the godfather. Looks more like Wayne Newton.

DarXyde43d ago

It's kind of hilarious, honestly.

Imagine being such a goddamn nerd that your veiled threat is about video video games.

We all love games, but c'mon, that is hilarious.

SenorFartCushion42d ago

It’s not like every other video game company isn’t increasing prices across the board for no reason.

The UK - as well as every other country - will be fine even without Activision

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43d ago Replies(3)

Can somebody please arrest him?


For not reporting systemic sexual harassment, and then trying to get even richer from his poorly handled position instead of shutting tfu.