Hogwarts Legacy Platinum Trophy Forces You to Start Over Four Times

If completing all of the side quests weren't already enough, the Hogwarts Legacy platinum trophy requires multiple playthroughs.

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GoodGuy0953d ago

I'm guessing to complete all houses? I mean, platinum trophies should be about challenge and playing the game to experience everything the game has to offer after all lol. Unfortunately most games basically just hand out trophies for much lower efforts now.

Outside_ofthe_Box53d ago

Lol the whining of gamers today. Not every game should be easy/convenient to platinum.

"If completing all of the side quests weren't already enough"

Is this person complaining about having to complete all side quests to platinum lol?

DeusFever51d ago

On PlayStation, you can see trophy stats for ever game and that will tell which trophies are working as a reward for players and which are not. If a 0.1% of players have the platinum, the trophy isn’t working. Or out another way, when over 99.9% of players don’t bother with trophies, the game might as well not have any.

Kaii52d ago

"must do partial playthrough for each house (trophy unlocks ~2 hours into the game)" *4
Why not just upload/download the save file after each house -_-

TeamIcoFan52d ago

Anyone who's planning on getting this game, avoid the internet while you play.
People mad at JKR are going around spoiling the game for others.

Dawknight31652d ago

You know where you are right? Lol

Crows9052d ago

As far as I've seen N4G users have been pretty decent lately.

Binarycode52d ago

The game who lived, come to die.

Servbot4151d ago

How to turn everyone against your movement in one easy step!

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The story is too old to be commented.