Why Microsoft Doesn't Need a Handheld or VR Device

With Sony offering multiple handheld and VR devices over the years, there's one key reason why Microsoft hasn't released competitors of its own.

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Vengeance113848d ago

LMAO, gamerant says the reason is GamePass. No need to click on this one, its just a shill article on GamePass, GamePass, GamePass, gamerant bows to their new GamePass overlord.

darkrider48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

And its going really well that strategy... They barely got content for a home console, much less to vr or portable. This kind of payed publicity would make sense on the second year or third year. Not year 6 or 7 of a service... That ship has sailed.

Lifexline48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I find funny now most Sony fans are hailing things like VR. When Microsoft was trying to stir things that way with Kinect people bashed it. But that’s where they saw the future immersive gameplay. Yet Sony fans bashed it relentlessly and now they are praising gaming going that direction it’s hysterical.

Obviously the technology wasn’t there at the time still isn’t in my opinion. When the technology is truly there that’s when it will succeed.

HICK48d ago you don't think VR tech is there yet. Which games have you played and on which headsets? Come back when you have tried PSVR2 since I'd be interested in your thoughts.

piroh48d ago

Im sure there are plenty of XB gamers who actually would appreciate Halo or Forza in VR. Problem is there are bunch of toxic XB fanboys in the forums bashing VR because they cant play VR

What would be better - gamepass or gamepass with VR games?

DarXyde48d ago

I think Xbox will eventually get around to it. I suspect it'll support an existing headset (Oculus or Vive) where freedom of choice will be touted and Microsoft would only need to strike a deal rather than do R&D. Not a bad idea to expand VR as a viable platform on home consoles and gives developers incentive to dig in more. But then again, if you have a headset for PC, chances are, you have a PC that can handle it unless you buy one because Xbox supports it.

Who knows. I think if PSVR2 is a smash hit, Microsoft will adopt it.

Then again, I also expected Microsoft to move away from AA batteries in their controllers, but here we are.

SPEAKxTHExTRUTH48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

You have proof that it’s only XB fanboys bashing VR or do you just make it up as you go?

Bathyj48d ago

Course it did.
Is there any reason to talk about Xbox other than gamepass?

just_looken48d ago

Thew real true is that sony has play station and spiderman nothing else is making them a profit like before.

Microsoft is a large corporation why make vr when your last 3 operating systems have 3rd party vr kits.

Yes Microsoft has a ton of ip's and nothing on the xbox for first party games but sad thing is if they lets says close up xbox tomorrow they still as a company can continue.

Its not the og xbox era fighting on the store shelf game 2 game now its were a trillion dollar corporation that has no need for new titles sadly :(.

The fact they took million's of dollar into slipspace engine for halo made 1 game then tossed it in the trash shows how there like meh well lets move on.

CBaoth48d ago

they can close shop n still continue? Who the fuck cares about Windows?

Fact is they make operating systems not games. And it shows

Mr_cheese48d ago

Another example of why I'd like to be able to remove opinion pieces from the front page when they start to roll out site updates.

It's dribble reading that clogs up the news and stirs flame

Good-Smurf48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised they got paid to saying such crap.
Its a tough time and some will say and act stupid just to earn a few bucks.
Of course its Gamepass that's all Xbox have at the moment but to say its the only reason is such a lazy way out.

Hofstaderman48d ago

The next headline: Why Microsoft Doesn’t Need Games

EvertonFC48d ago

GP is fantastic for bleeding money 😂🤣

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XiNatsuDragnel48d ago

VR would be nice on Xbox tbh.

OtterX48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Considering they already have MS Flight Simulator, Minecraft, Star Wars Squadrons, No Man's Sky, Hitman 3, Tetris Effect that work on PC VR right now, it's not absurd thing to request! This article is stupid because it makes it sound like it's either VR or Gamepass, yet Gamepass already has these VR games. (PC)

Subnautica is also one of the best games in VR, was on Gamepass for a while, but got yanked last Fall.

There may be some more that I'm forgetting.

PureBlood48d ago

I'm sure they promised VR for one x

Sony has VR sorted, Nintendo has handheld sorted.

Microsoft is still struggling with the basic requirement to provide games at this point, so one step at a time.

slayernz48d ago

Lol is the main reason for no vr or handheld because there would be no games to play on it? Lol

Elda48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

MS/XB needs to concentrate on their original first-party studios releasing consistent exclusives on its consoles first & foremost before anything else. Something they have been lacking at.

EvertonFC48d ago

MS will probably wait till VR is mainstream and buy all the studios up then pretend it was all them that made VR where it is.

glennhkboy48d ago

MS is selling their VR/ AR project to US & UK governments.

EazyC48d ago

I thought the hololens thing was going disastrously though?

Mr_cheese48d ago

That sounds like an Apple move

EazyC48d ago

Well, they'll never be seen as the market leaders with that approach.

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