Marvel's Avengers Was Almost the Perfect Superhero Game

Marvel's Avengers was never able to fully realize its concept of an ongoing superhero game. However, its core idea had massive potential.

GoodGuy09108d ago

The story and gameplay were interesting at first...and then you see all the glitches, grind you have to do, and crappy repetitive gameplay loop. I couldn't play the game any more after a couple of hours.

philm87107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

You don't have to grind at all for the story. No glitches at all when I played, but it was the PS5 version.

SenorFartCushion107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

The story was crap and, even though it was, you couldn’t even replay any of the cinematic missions - not like you could see them properly anyway due to all the colours flying around.

The only think this game was useful for - for Marvel - is that it could act as a secondary advertising tool for Disney Plus content. It explains why we got strange additional characters like Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

Spider-Man was an exclusive character (why?) and was released broken because it needed to coincide with the release of a Spider-Man film. A film owned by a rival company.

It was synergy of the wrong variety (is there a correct variety?)

Outside of business stuff, the game was butt-ugly even in its aesthetics. Loads of explosions and bright lights flying around for no reason, clouding the action, it was like the Vegas version of what an Avengers game would be like.

Captain America’s shield gave off bright red laser blasts. It was a dumb game and I’m glad it’s dead.

CorndogBurglar107d ago

No it wasn't. It had a LOT of work to be done to be considered perfect.

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