Nintendo Bucks Trend For Layoffs With Pay Rises

The tech industry is facing a tough time with enormous layoffs occuring at Amazon, Dell, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. The video game industry has not been immune. While tech products and services were in massive demand during the height of the pandemic, and revenues soared as people around the world faced lockdown measures, and duly bought computers and accessories to begin working from home, or to entertain themselves with video games or streaming services, these companies grew fatter with the extra revenue.

But now as lockdown measures have eased and inflationary forces have driven up the cost of living, multiple games companies report lower demand and reduced revenue. These include Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Square Enix, while Xbox studios have seen layoffs and cost-cutting measures. But one games giant, despite lower sales, appears to be bucking the trend.

Nintendo may have reported a 23 percent sales drop of its Switch console in its latest financial report, which is a substantial decrease from the same period last year, but the Kyoto-based company is still planning on implementing a 10 percent pay rise for its employees it told investors today.

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Orchard120d ago

Sure but anyone who works in the games industry knows Nintendo pays the lowest of the big three, with MS paying the most.

So it’s payrises that likely result in them still earning less than their counterparts at Sony and MS.

Sgt_Slaughter119d ago

Of course you're here saying something pro-MS without any sources, while being negative about the others. A tale as old as time.

Orchard119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

My statement was pro Sony and pro Microsoft 🤷 Maybe take the tinfoil hat off for a bit.

If you want sources, job salaries are public in Washington State:

Minecraft, Principal Engineer (non-lead - couldn't find any lead positions):
"The typical base pay range for this role across the U.S. is USD $133,600 - $256,800 per year."

Bungie, Lead engineer:
"Washington State Pay Range $196,000—$235,000 USD"

Nintendo, Lead Engineer:
"This position includes a base salary range of $145,510 - $218,264 annually,"

So even a non-lead engineer at Minecraft can out-earn lead engineers at Nintendo and Sony in the same state.

Sciurus_vulgaris120d ago

Amazon, Google, Apple and MS all over hired due to the pandemic boom.