Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - 9 Minutes of Gameplay | IGN First

An introduction to a brand new planet in the Star Wars universe: Koboh.

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Sonic188141d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Can't decide to get this on PC or PS5 🤔🤔 I like using the dualsense controller

NecrumOddBoy41d ago

You already know the way :)

RaidenBlack41d ago

Some Devs usually pack in dualsense features for PC versions as well
What you should be looking for is, UE4 stuttering on the PC version during launch, which are getting patched post-launch, nowadays ...
Respawn is a stellar studio .... maybe they'll deliver a smooth PC version as well? But who knows?
Maybe wait and then purchase?

crazyCoconuts41d ago

On rare occasion, the PC version of games will support DualSense. Not usually advertised though. Also, if it works, it's only through USB

Crows9041d ago

I'd go with dual sense.
You also have more certainty that performance will be acceptable on console over PC. Devs barely optimize for PC anymore.

Stanjara41d ago

Then you know :)
Ps5 gonna be better optimized for sure.

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Hannesvanrij41d ago

Man, am I thrilled for a AAA Star Wars game. A huge fan ever since the Force Unleashed.

RaidenBlack41d ago

Lots of 'em coming as well .... Respawn's Star Wars FPS, Respawn's Star Wars strategy game, Ubi's open-world Star Wars project, KOTOR Remake, Amy Hennig's Star Wars game, Star Wars Eclipse ....

CorndogBurglar41d ago

Wait.....there's a Star Wars strategy game coming?!?!

masterfox41d ago

well at least it looks like the first one I guess.

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