10 Retro Games Still Worth Playing Today

Retro games are back in a major way. Nowadays, it’s not so difficult to find retro game consoles, handhelds, and build-it-yourself kits that help you relive your childhood memories. But nostalgia is powerful, and some of those gaming titles you have fond memories of might not be so great. Thankfully, a few retro games have stood the test of time.

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HeliosHex47d ago

Yeah some retro games just never get old.
Like rolling thunder.

Minute Man 72147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Contra on the NES wasn't that hard. Got soo good at it, beat the game plenty times with 3 lives

Rebel_Scum47d ago

Rocket Knight Adventures was great because it had a good mix of genres with the platforming levels, shoot em up levels, rhythmn levels. Not many games do that these days. Last one I can remember doing that was Shadow Complex.

racer2247d ago

I still play golden axe.

HyperMoused47d ago

Alex kid in Monster world FTW