Sony Confirms More Than 100 New Games Coming to PSVR2 Soon After Launch

Sonly has officially confirmed over 100 games are in active development for the forthcoming PSVR2, with over 30 available during the launch window.

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blackblades41d ago

Imagine that support for vita, anyway they going all in into this one cant wait to get one.

EazyC41d ago

I think they learned from Vita, they need to support the hell out of this thing over the long-term.

FinalFantasyFanatic40d ago

It's was so sad what happened to the Vita, great handheld, but woefully under supported.

Kaii41d ago

Off-topic, If I could access my psn games on a handheld PC type device I'd be happy, loved Persona 4 on the vita.
On-topic, nice to see sony throwing support behind the hardware, and you only have to deal with 1 cable this time >.>

CrimsonWing6941d ago

Hopefully Sony sticks with it. They tend to go HAM at launch and then drop it.

DarXyde41d ago

I wouldn't worry so much about that.

Sony is introducing PSVR2 a bit earlier in the PS5's life and as a device that is clearly intended to complement the home console. The original works on PS4, but it definitely didn't seem like it was truly made with VR in mind.

This looks like a very organic pairing, which we have plenty of reason to be excited about. An extension of the immersive experience, if you will. Considering the early reception, I think it's going to be very well supported.

generic-user-name41d ago

PSVR1 had over 500 titles, they hoped for it to have 200.

Eonjay41d ago

I have a Switch, a Vita, a Deck, a tablet a Phone and a Laptop. I don't need any more portable devices. You know what I do need tho:. a high end VR device that isn't gonna set me back a couple grand.

oIMyersIo41d ago

Excellent lineup.

Good to see them pushing this harder than the first PSVR & I hope it sells well enough to maintain that support.

crazyCoconuts41d ago

Are they pushing this harder than the last one? I remember there were more internal studios working on and releasing VR games specific to PS. While we have a lot of older games getting PSVR2 treatment and newer smaller games, Sony doesn't seem to be committing as much in terms of large scale projects like they did first time around. At least not yet I guess

oIMyersIo41d ago

Gran Turismo 7
Horizon: Call of The Mountain
Resident Evil: Village
After The Fall

Are just a few examples of big launch titles on PSVR2. When compared with the various tech demos and smaller games that launched with the original PSVR (with the exception of Driveclub & Batman, of course).

So I think it’s safe to say that there’s a bigger push this time around.

S2Killinit41d ago

RE4 Remake too. If this was a regular console, this would be the most packed launch ever.

FinalFantasyFanatic40d ago

It certainly feels like a bigger push compared to the first PS VR, the amount of games coming for it is nuts.

DeputyB41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Why are they so bad at marketing PSVR2. Like it looks like a banger of a head set! It lets everyone who's not into PC VR get into higher end VR at a resonable price. I understand the price point is a little high for a console periferal, but have some confidence Sony! You have what looks to be a great product. Also for the love of god get Half life Alex on this thing and I'll insta buy it.

PureBlood41d ago

Yeah I agree. I think HLA is coming. They have to stagger these announcements, keep big names launching. If you announce it all in advance, you get massive launch sales, go high in manufacturing and you risk demand dropping off too sharply and price cuts, which they can't afford with this kind of technology.

I think they're managing demand in accordance with how much they can (or that they want to) manufacture for launch and then they'll get a feel for how sales settle. That way they can maintain demand (and manufacture accordingly) as they make announcements and launch new games.

The added benefit is that there'll be headsets out in the wild, people playing them and wanting one of their own when those kinds of announcements drop.

GotGame81841d ago (Edited 41d ago )

It is better than most PC VR! Honestly I still prefer TV, for long gaming sessions. Avatar 2 changed my mind about Avatar and 3D. Hope PSVR2 does the same.

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