Fight Night Round 5: We Want A New Fight Night Game

It’s been almost a decade since the critically acclaimed Fight Night Champion, the final title in a series of beloved boxing video games from Electronic Arts. Since 2011, the studio has been focused on its mixed martial arts title, UFC, instead. But with the rise of the popularity of boxing again, thanks to fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Tyson Fury, could we possibly have another Fight Night game on the way?

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Flawlessmic41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I honestly cannot state enough just how much i want a new fight night!!!

Boxing is one of my fav sports to watch and it has been way to long since iv had a game to enjoy.

Undisputed looks like a ps3 game, cmon EA, stuff UFC, give the people what we really want which is a boxing game!!!

cnote0041d ago

I agree we need another fight night, however undisputed, I’d have to part ways with that ps3 claim.

41d ago
Petebloodyonion41d ago

I hope they make it like round four instead of champions but ill take any fight night at this point

Dabigsiebowski41d ago

They need to go back to the good roots of FN R2 and FN R3. Everything after watered down the formula too much and enabled gimmicks. FNR2&3 are some of the greatest fighting games ever.

Kurt Russell40d ago

3 was fun and you could smash out so many haymakers. But I found 4 more technical and enjoyed it for that too.

navi8740d ago

At least in 3 you had to wind up your shots, it was more skill based as opposed to 4 where you just held down L1 or R1 whilst flicking the analogue stick.

navi8740d ago

Agreed, i played FNR 3 the most on Xbox 360 back in the day and using the analogue sticks to kinda mimic punches thrown was fun af. FNR 4 ruined it by just flicking the analogue stick to throw hooks, felt really unintuitive after the previous games.

isarai41d ago

They'd ruin it like they do everything these days