PSVR2 Shooter Pavlov Developer Claims It Runs 10% Faster On PS5 Than On A 3090Ti PC Build

Pavlov VR developer Vankrupt claims that its game runs about 10% better on a PS5, PS VR2 setup than it does on PC VR with a 3090Ti GPU build.

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just_looken41d ago

more like Pavlov Developer optimized one version over the other so pc players got another crap version.

Or are we saying a 3090ti the 3rd fastest gpu on the market is worse than a $700 glorified igpu?

frostypants41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

No, part of the lesson is PC architecture isn't optimized for gaming outside of the GPU. Every aspect of console design is towards gaming. The GPU is not everything.

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just_looken41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


Right so your console player or new to pc?

You can optimize for pc by restricting to a set hardware schedule

But when you have pc games using 1-3 perhaps just 1 core of a cpu then using none of the advance features of the gpu and or just straight up not even using the gpu then that is a issue.

Spiderman pc vs forspoken both open world one is optimized the other a bad port


Exactly though sadly sense sony is using freebsd software pc does still get bad ports even though they can be optimized just fine.

Pc for over a year has had pcie gen 5 koika/micron and recently corsairt have tossed out gfen 5 pcie nvme speeds just amazing.

As a gen 5 pcie board owner i can not wait to try out a gen 5 gpu.

Dagexon41d ago

It's because of the foveated rendering most likely. It's a huge save on resources

Knushwood Butt41d ago

PC getting a crap version?

I thought PC gaming was the pinnacle of, well, everything?

NotoriousWhiz40d ago

OK guys, we optimized this AAA game for PC.

You just need:
- This exact motherboard from Brand A
- These exact RAM chips from Brand B
- This exact GPU from Brand C
- This exact CPU from Brand D

If you have those specific things, then this game will run great, otherwise it'll run like crap, but it's okay because you can just reconfigure your PC.

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S2Killinit40d ago

PSVR2 is currently the top of the line VR experience.

Eonjay41d ago

And it shows that PSVR 2 is by far the most inexpensive high end VR rig available.

darkrider41d ago

That's important. Price and quality experience! Now launch it!!!

OtterX41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I believe it! That's the thing about consoles, they're highly optimized with no major competing processes going on. Foveated rendering helps squeeze even more performance out of these games.

I wish Microsoft would concede a bit and let Flight Simulator release on PSVR2, bc I believe it would perform awesomely on it. I'm running a 3060ti and can run it just ok on Medium to High settings. I believe the PS5 & PSVR2 would run it much better!

*edit - the only issue is MS Flight Sim needs a ridiculous amount of space, even moreso for a good rolling cache of maps. I have an entire 1TB M.2 SSD dedicated to just that game.

Destiny108041d ago (Edited 41d ago )

the game runs like a joke, well have to wait for the new ace combat game, which will be built from the ground up for PSVR2

mkis00740d ago

Oh now i want that bad. Or at least a psvr2 version of squadrons

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Anunnaki41d ago

This is the sort of optimization that shows why consoles are so popular. That and how they don't require constantly chasing down bugs and compatibility issues.

Einhander197141d ago

Exactly they just work, and you know everyone else is getting the same experience. When I had a pc I started to become obsessed with hardware thinking was it as good as it could be. Got on my nerves. I'm a console gamer!!

skidmarc41d ago

I agree. What's crazy is that GTA 5 ran on a 360/PS3 from the 2005/2006 era. Try to run that game on 2005 PC hardware. Games are designed and optimized for consoles, pending on the game. I play both console and PC. Gotta love both.

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