Hogwarts Legacy - How to Change Character Appearance (Transmog)

How to change character appearance in Hogwarts Legacy - Known as transmog, change your character's appearance w/o sacrificing stats.


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's Sales Disappointed, Hogwarts Legacy Is a "Big Win"

Warner Bros Discovery highlighted the continued strong performance of Hogwarts Legacy and the underperformance of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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H91d 14h ago

At this point, this is just funny

bloop1d 12h ago

Funny up until you realise a once brimming with talent studio is in the shit now.

bababooiy1d 12h ago

To be fair even if Rocksteady were forced to make a live service game they couldve done a better job. Like i get the whole upper management interfering and demanding things to be added but theres a number of live service titles that have come out that were still good games...recent Helldivers is a very good example.
You can still have good gameplay and interesting ideas/mechanics even if its a live service title. Something Suicide Squad sorely lacked.

-Foxtrot1d 7h ago

It's pretty hilarious

They wanted all their games to be live service going forward yet their first big GaaS game is a complete failure, ruining Rocksteady's reputation in the process yet the one which isn't GaaS, the pure single player experience is the one which goes onto being their biggest success.

Gee. It's almost like it's telling them something.

Omegasyde1d 4h ago

WB did the same thing with Mortal Kombat 1.

I won’t buy WB games day 1 now because of it.

robtion1d 5h ago

Would be if it wasn't so sad.

H918h ago

It was for me, but then they kept insisting so well they made their own bed they should sleep in it

SDuck1d 14h ago

WB is the only one doing the surprised Pikachu face lol I didn't see many positive hopes for this game ever since they dropped the first gameplay footage. Should've cancelled it all together right at that moment

Stana1d 14h ago (Edited 1d 14h ago )

So going forward the plan is to make all WB games live service? Good luck with that.
Suicide of the franchise indeed.

Plague-Doctor271d 4h ago

Wonder what kind of guns we'll be using in Hogwarts Legacy 2

Stana1d 4h ago

They gonna ruin the sequel... Quidditch be monetized to death...pay2win PvP PvE with rare under cape knifes drops, NFT brooms and wand shop.

In town gamba... Sending your Owl home for more money (credit card number input).

Dark spells auction house... OMG
Watching trailers and ads on loading screens... In game product placement.

The money squeeze potential is endless.

Oh and of course ... always online single player campaign of 4h... with battle pass why not...

Why not indeed?

Mounts!!! $35 Mounts... How could I forget!?

Psychonaut8514h ago

It’s won’t be guns, you’ll have to grind for 10 hrs to get a new wood grain for your wand. And for only 9.99 a month battle pass you can get exclusive straw styles for your broom.

Outside_ofthe_Box1d 13h ago

The moment Kill The Justice League was shown to not be single player, it was never going to be purchased by me. Shame that Rocksteady went that route.

CrimsonWing691d 13h ago

I just hope WB plucks out that wild hare they have up their a** for GaaS. Like, how many f*cking times do you have to fail before it gets through your thick skull? At this point it almost feels like defiance and they won’t stop until consumers finally give in and splurge on microtransactions and praise an unfinished, anemic, shell of a game with a grind-hard gameplay loop that the only way to not lose your mind is to pay to make the grind easier.

-Foxtrot1d 7h ago

"how many f****** times do you have to fail before it gets through your thick skull"


"How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson, Old Man?"


robtion1d 5h ago

Indeed. Sounds pretty accurate.