Nintendo Switch Has Shipped 122.55 Million Units; Drops Full-Year Prediction Again to 18 Million

Today Nintendo revealed its financial results and published an update on the number of Switch units shipped since the console’s release.

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Orchard44d ago

So, the Switch has officially claimed the scalp of the GameBoy and PS4. Crazy, and it seems on track to overtake the DS and PS2.

Pokemon selling ~21m in ~2 months is insane. Well done Nintendo.

blackblades44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

It's possible, they also dropping there predictions. A couple or few more years it can be at ps2 if it stays on track. Oh man ps2 had that throne for decades it'll be hard to imagine it wont be on top no mo.

43d ago
sparky7744d ago

Yep Nintendo has now been number 1 two gens in a row, it will be interesting to see if their next consoles surpasses the XSX/PS5 as well.

LabRat44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I dont think their last gen (the Wii U) did that well. Unless you are counting the switch for xbox one/ps4 and xsx/ps5 gen

PrinceOfAnger44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Yeah wii outsold the ps3
and the Switch outsold PS4.

Chevalier44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

"Yeah wii outsold the ps3
and the Switch outsold PS4."

Then the Wii U isn't being counted at all? Wii U released around the PS4 right?

Switch would be lining up early against PS5 and Series X wouldn't it?

Shadowsteal44d ago

Wii U (forgot about this one?)

BehindTheRows44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Switch is against the PS5. The PS4 won last generation.

So, beginning with the 5th generation, it's...

1) PS1
2) PS2
3) Wii
4) PS4
5) up for grabs, but Switch may stay ahead of PS5.

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43d ago
Poopmeister44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Steam deck >>>>> switch

Neonridr44d ago

except when it comes to battery, form factor and the lack of Nintendo IPs. But it's an amazing device that I enjoy using.

Goosejuice43d ago

I prefer the steam deck to the switch, feels more comfortable to play on imo. Everything else though is true...although u can have a switch emulator on the deck if u really wanted to risk that.

Neonridr43d ago

@Goosejuice - for sure, the Steam Deck is really powerful. I find it a little bulky to hold for long periods though.

43d ago
Neonridr43d ago

TTeller - of course you "can". I just don't endorse it. And for the casual person they might not want to go to the trouble to set it all up.

Goosejuice43d ago

@neonridr bulkier ya, but the weight to me isn't bad. It's more of the grips I like with it bumped out compared to flat like the switch.

Neonridr43d ago

@Goosejuice - that's fair, my hands are on the smaller side, so the size doesn't bother me.

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Orchard43d ago

Why not both? Steam Deck gets you all the PC, PS and Xbox games. Switch gets you all the Nintendo exclusives.

Goosejuice43d ago

Agree. Just recently got the steam deck. Switch is my pokemon machine now lol. I installed Microsoft edge on the steam deck to try out the game streaming of gamepass.

blackblades43d ago

Doesnt get you all the ps games

Orchard43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

@blackblades Ok, 99% of the existing 1st party PS5 games plus all the ones going forward.

@Goosejuice I haven’t tried the streaming yet, didn’t really want to put in any effort to “modifying” the stock setup. How is it?

Goosejuice40d ago

The streaming of gamepass is pretty decent actually. You don't really have to modify the stock deck for it. You use Microsoft edge which is in desktop mode to download. MS even has a page to help u get it going.

Played some halo and horizon 5 and didn't notice any lag for the mist part, but I also have pretty good internet.

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Adnanilyas2143d ago

20 million already??? Wow I think this will beat Pokemon Sword and Shield sale's.

Can the Switch topple the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 2?

ZeekQuattro43d ago

It's going to be tough. For instance at one point I thought Animal Crossing would pass MK8 but Mario Kart 8 just keeps selling that much better. Sword and Shield still sells well today as well and newer Pokemon games tend to also boost past entries on top of it.

Demetrius43d ago

When I’m playing my switch honestly it feels like it coulda came out in 2021 ish they did a great job future proofing the Witcher 3 looks so good on it too I’m glad all 3 companies selling millions cause that means more games mane 🔥😋🥰

Exvalos43d ago

You have to be trolling if you think witcher looks good on the switch, it's a blurry mess with missing assets.