Grand Theft Auto Publisher Discusses AI & ChatGPT, Cloud, & Challenges of Bringing AAA IP to Mobile

During Take-Two's financial conference call, CEO Strauss  Strass Zelnick talked about some rather trendy topics in the gaming industry.

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hotnickles41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I heard chatgpt is a propaganda machine. There is no such thing as AI, it only knows what the operators put in there. The operators aren’t very rational or unbiased to say the least. I don’t want that garbage anywhere near games or algorithms.

hotnickles41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

People who ask it strange questions on Twitter. Which is admittedly a laughable source to base an opinion on but still.

It’s almost like the lying is gone. A human can maneuver odd questions. Some better than others. If you ever wanted to know what the elitist class thinks and what the agenda is then ask chatgpt. At least from what I have seen, I have not interacted with it at all. I just learned about it through the odd questions. I have no absolute opinion so I just said I heard. Hear say.

Profchaos41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

So you think that's there are real people sitting in little boxes answering all your questions from extremely mathematically and programmatically complex to the downright dumb?

If you believe that and you're not joking the next decade is going to be real rough for you as it's real tech and it's going to expand dramatically.

As for the question does it have a place in video games? I believe it has some capacity to assist devs optimise their code ive already used it myself to optimise my code and it took what I put in gave me a better solution in mere seconds.
That's where the value lies it cant create art and I wouldn't want it to but you know every action in a game has a line of code or ten thousand lines from simple if statements and loops to complex comprehensive gameplay systems.
Those lines are written by real people often from memory and creative thinking so having ai proof read or solve a problem is a valuable tool and remember it's just a tool.

hotnickles41d ago

No. Models, AI and simulations are only as good as the data you put in. The people putting it in also. People don’t work every part of a simulation but they do set the foundation. That’s what I mean. It’s just a tool, I’m talking about operators.

I went back and looked. Apparently I was looking a hacked version of chatGPT that isn’t allowed to avoid questions lol. That explains the brutal honesty I saw.

ChatGPT said this about their bias.

“OpenAI has programmed chatgpt to have a liberal bias because they believe that liberal values and principles align with their mission and values. Additionally, they believe that liberal perspectives and opinions are more in line with their desired outcomes for the technology and it’s impact on society.”

A perfectly reasonable answer imo. That’s what I mean about the lying being gone lol. I disagree with this being the foundation for everything, it feels like fake science and propaganda.

just_looken40d ago (Edited 40d ago )


Your talking about trained virtual robot vs robotic sentient life

Its true there is no true 100% ai sentient life right now but we are on the verge of terminator situaion just give a couple more years.

We have machines that convert brain current to a language and we can move robotic arms with thoughts so i say in 5-10 years we will need john conner.