Grand Theft Auto V Has Shipped Over 175 Million Units; Red Dead Redemption 2 is at 50 Million

Take-Two Interactive Software announced i ts financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2023, between October and December 2022.

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Orchard44d ago

It's kind of crazy to think that GTA V will likely hit the 200m mark... I think the only other game that has broken that mark is Minecraft.

Still, I hope we see GTA6 soon. I'm hungry for a new GTA game.

JackBNimble44d ago

If they didn't double and triple dip, the numbers would be no where near this.
I bought gta5 for ps3 and ps4 , I won't be doing that again.


Nobody forced people to buy multiple copies of the same game. It sold so well because it’s a great game.

JackBNimble44d ago

I never said it wasn't a great game, I'm a huge gta fan. But GtAV came out at the end of gen7, perfect excuse to sell the game a second time to fans. And now Rockstar is trying for a third time with ps5?
Like Joe says " come on man "

porkChop44d ago

This is shipped, so physical copies. Just imagine how many copies they've sold when you include digital.

ApocalypseShadow44d ago

Now, put these same games in VR for PS VR 2 for increased sales of these games. The immersion would be insane. Since these games were done on last gen hardware, PS VR 2 should easily run them.

Do it Rockstar.

Orchard44d ago

I don't see that happening, the dev costs would outweigh the benefits. Assuming 100% of VR owners bought it (unlikely), that's still only a few million. As we can see from these numbers, T2 aim far bigger than that.

ApocalypseShadow44d ago

Who says Sony wouldn't foot the bill? They already helped Capcom. Why not Rockstar? I'd bet more third parties will announce games sooner than later. A bunch of surprises.

If GTA San Andreas is coming to Quest 2, surely GTA 5 that came out on PS3 can be made to run in VR. Some have already modded the game on PC.

Orchard44d ago

That would have to be a very big check, likely beyond what Sony are looking to invest in VR. Capcom/RE isn't even remotely comparable to Rockstar/GTA V.

I'd love to be the fly on the wall when a project manager runs into their leadership strategy briefing to say "Hey, you know that game we made that sold nearly 200m units? Let's bring it to a platform where it will sell 1m if we're lucky!"

I expect PSVR2 to be similar to PSVR1, in that, 3rd parties mostly won't be interested. The market isn't there to justify such expenditure.

ApocalypseShadow44d ago

Yeah. Because PSVR didn't get games like Skyrim, Hitman 3, Borderlands, RE7, etc.

Sure orchard. Rockstar has already made LA Noire for VR. And had a big city with people walking, etc. The driving was great. Only thing wrong was PSVR had no analog sticks. PS VR 2 doesn't have that problem. Or a problem with power.

Orchard44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

And none of those games are anywhere near as big as GTA V.

You summed it up perfectly - 6 years ago they made one VR mini-game which contained 7 of the 26 cases found in the full game, and then never revisited VR for any other title since.

It's not that I don't think the PSVR2 could run a cut down version of GTA V. It's that I don't think T2 are interested in that tiny market, the total amount of revenue they would make from VR, they can make in a day or so on GTA Online, with zero extra work required.

jznrpg44d ago

You hope it doesn’t happen , there fixed it for ya

Orchard44d ago

@jznrpg Yes, because I’d rather they put the resources into making another blockbuster mainline GTA game that will sell another 175m copies.

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porkChop44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

That would be awesome but it's not that simple. You can play GTA V on PCVR with a mod but it's super janky and doesn't function like you'd think. The games mechanics, animations, etc were not designed to work with VR.

GTA's city simulation is also extremely intensive. It would be very difficult getting that to run in VR at 45fps or 60fps per eye at also 2k by 2k per eye. Rockstar would have to significantly rework the whole game to make VR viable, and it just wouldn't be worth the resources.

ApocalypseShadow44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

GTA San Andreas is coming to Quest 2. I doubt it'll look great after grid Legends looked terrible. But Sony doesn't have Facebook's problem with power.

You're also forgetting that GTA 5 came out on PS3. And Red Dead on PS4. PS5 is over twice the power of Pro and uses eye tracking and forward rendering to reduce the need to display the entire game. Just where you are looking.

GT7 is the PS5 version and is running weather, time of day, full grid, etc in VR. Same with RE8 being the PS5 version. It's not as impossible as you think. Gamers will disagree. But they'll find out soon enough.

Also no PC headsets use eye tracking for games like Sony is using.

porkChop44d ago

San Andreas was created before Rockstar got serious about simulation with GTA IV. But even still they've clearly been struggling with development because we haven't heard anything about it since it was announced in October 2021.

Yes the PS5 is faster. It doesn't matter. Even if it were fast enough for 2Kx2K at 45fps per eye every system, animation, mission, etc, would still need to be reworked for proper VR to be possible. That's way too much work for what is very much a niche product.

Bro. You're comparing GTA V to RE8. Are you serious? Not at all comparable. RE8 was also built with VR in mind, along with RE7. GT7 was built from the ground up for VR as well. GTA V isn't. You can't just drop some code in and make a game work properly in VR.

Eye tracking isn't new. Sony just licensed it from Tobii. The exact same eye tracking from Tobii has already been available built-in to PCVR headsets from HTC Vive, HP, and Pico. Both Pimax and HTC Vive offer eye tracking add-ons for their other headsets as well. Again, it's not new and neither is foveated rendering. Nvidia has supported foveated rendering on PC since 2021.

Nacho_Z43d ago

I can see GTA coming to PSVR sooner or later. It's a market in its infancy but maybe Rockstar can see the potential of the medium where others can't.

SprigganN4G44d ago

Where the FUCK is GTAVI? 10 years and counting...

CS744d ago

Still no open world games as detailed and as GTA V and RDR2.

I’m good with one game per generation if the quality far surpasses everyone else.

Let them take their time.

AuraAbjure44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Didn't you hear about the massive 2022 GTA VI leak? It was a big deal. Rockstar issued an official statement and the suspected leaker got arrested.

jznrpg44d ago

I own a couple of GTA games but I never have played one for very long . I think I played 15 minutes just driving around and did one mission on PS2 or 3 ? I don’t remember but I just didn’t get into it for whatever reasons . Red Dead I love though , they are amazing games .

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