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Given how merciless modern pop culture is in its exploitation of childhood nostalgia, it’s remarkable there’s been no credible attempt at a big-budget Harry Potter video game before now. Hogwarts Legacy has so much to work with: it is the product of millions of childhood dreams. Donning the Sorting Hat and setting foot inside the Gryffindor common room, manipulating the world effortlessly with a wand and fighting dark wizards are all fantasies that it can easily fulfil.

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oIMyersIo50d ago

I’m not one who, when hyped for a game will excuse negative to average reviews as bias but it’s clear that this review has a bias given the author.

Lexreborn250d ago

Wouldn’t every review that gives immediate claim to their Harry Potter fandom be bias as well? Or is it only when it’s a review that you aren’t happy with that there’s an issue? Because you speak as if a 6 is a bad score.

oIMyersIo50d ago

I didn’t say anywhere that I was unhappy?
I simply stated a fact.
Try harder next time.

Imalwaysright50d ago

Weren't you the same guy crying about Forspoken reviews in several articles? Talk about being a hypocrite.

andy8550d ago

Forspoken got absolutely slated for being a 7 to be fair

Adrian_v0150d ago


Bias goes more than one way.

roadkillers49d ago

6 is a bad score. Has anyone ever congratulated you for getting a 60% on anything?

Lexreborn249d ago

@roadkiller 60% isn’t universal, even Microsoft has a 70% success quota on patches and OS deployments in order to roll out to the masses. Context means everything, and for some reason y’all lose context quickly on game reviews.

You cannot apply your school report card logic to the rest of the world.

zeuanimals49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

3 isn't a 6. 1 through 5 is more like A through F grades. Once you look at scores in that way, it all makes sense. So 3 is actually closer to 7. I mean, why give two whole numbers for a 2/10 and a 4/10? They're both bad enough to just be 1s. I feel like I'm in Community right now.

gerbintosh49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

2 paragraphs of the review are dedicated JK Rowling and not the game itself. Based on that alone it is not surprising that the reviewer rated it low. Also, even the paragraphs about the game aren't that deep into what the issues are.

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Lexreborn250d ago

If you are considering this review a negative biased review. That means you clearly aren’t happy with the opinion piece which is why you would call it biased.

You aren’t using that same metrics in the positive articles that clearly have a bias so why apply it here? It’s because you don’t care that the positives have clear bias because you want to agree with them. But you call this review negative when a 6 in gaming is a good score and then call it bias.

That IS your bias talking.

Stanjara50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Scoring 6 in gaming is not good.
It gets worse if the investment gets higher.

Would You buy a 6/10 Tv? Phone? A Car? A House?

VenomUK50d ago

@Lexreborn2 a person can be a fan of a franchise (such as Batman) but this doesn’t mean they will love every game about it (such as Gotham Knights) - that’s not the same as a person who is supposedly a professional journalist condemning J.K. Rowling and after complaining about her saying of Hogwart’s Legacy ‘It is a shame that the game can’t escape this context.’ This means she will be making the game down for it.

PureBlood49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It's plainly a biased review with an agenda. It was only ever going to be that from The Guardian. This particular journalist is known for doing the 'wokey cokey', which just further ensured that would be the case. Some people can't review games, films or books without preaching their preferred ideologies and that's exactly what we've got here.

It's clear as day and not tied to people being upset that a game they wanted to like got a score lower than they would have preferred. Open your eyes.

MaximusTKG49d ago

This isn’t supposed to be an opinion piece. It’s a review, which theoretically should be unbiased. They never are.

CrimsonWing6949d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I think when you have a situation where 9/10 people are glowing about a game and 1 person isn’t, there’s a strong chance that 1 person is off base. Sure, it can be interesting seeing what their points are for context, but it’s pretty safe to say their experience won’t be the majority’s.

Also, let’s be real… there’s an agenda based off this review.

oIMyersIo49d ago

You mention “You aren’t using that same metrics in the positive articles”

I’m sorry, but can you please explain where there has been a rally to buy Hogwarts Legacy due to political agenda?

That’s right.
There hasn’t, same can’t be said about the other side though…

jwillj2k449d ago (Edited 49d ago )

What's your point?? 6/10 is a failure anyway you slice it. Would you be happy purchasing anything other than a game where its rating is 6/10? Go ahead Ill wait.

In gaming people are even more critical. A 6/10 is bargain bin status. 8 (not 7) /10 is usually recognized as good game, sometimes it has to be even higher. This review is subjective, its only 1 persons opinion but dont sit here and defend a 6/10 rating. It's universally considered a failure.

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Nineball211249d ago

Of course the author has a bias and that obviously affected their score. To say otherwise is to deny human nature.

GotGame81849d ago

Yeah, funny you can't comment, on her Twitter feed, unless you follow her! She doesn't want her feelz hurt! 🙄
Played through the opening and went to my first 2 classes @Hogwarts. Seems like it is going to be epic!

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GoodGuy0950d ago

Story seems kinda...mid-ish from streamers I've been watching. Not a HP fan but I'm quite interested in the exploration, visuals looks to be the best it has and gameplay seems fine.
Many games I have more interest in are also releasing soon so I'll have to wait and keep my eyes out for a sale. No way I can dive into this 30+ hr game atm. Good that it's getting mostly positive reviews so I'll be looking forward to it down the line.

ANIALATOR13650d ago

What do you expect from a rag like the Guardian

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