Xenia Xbox 360 Emulator Successfully Ported To Xbox Series X|S

The Xenia Xbox 360 emulator originally made for PC has been ported to Xbox Series X|S. It has been ported in the form of a third-party app.

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z2g49d ago

cool but not sure why this is even needed. both the xbox one and the series x|s can natively run xbox 360 games... unless this is to get around titles that haven't been unlocked via license or something - but i wonder if it supports auto hdr, 4k resolutions and the bumped up framerates like running them natively does

Minute Man 72149d ago

Potential to run every single 360 game

Orchard49d ago

Also supports un-released games, like the Goldeneye remake. Enhancements are possible too.

Sgt_Slaughter48d ago

Allows for greater backwards compatibility as well as support for different resolutions, unreleased games such as Goldeneye 007 XBLA (the cancelled remaster from 2007-2008), game removed from the Marketplace (Daytona USA HD for example), etc..

It's adding another layer of value to owning an Xbox Series console at this point, for $250 a Series S that can play consoles from 360 and back at 1440p/4K and 60fps is an incredible value that's making me consider getting one. Not to mention next gen support.

Cthulhu7048d ago

I love the series S backwards compatibility. Playing games like GTA 4 & Red Dead Redemption again has been phenomenal. The Xbox series S is probably one of the best consoles I've ever owned.

CobraKai48d ago

Yeah. Series X/S BC is great, but limited since it was all in the hands of MS adapting titles to run on Xbox. This seems to unlock potential to play games MS couldn’t or didn’t adapt for bc.

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Orchard49d ago

That's pretty awesome. Support for UWP apps running on Xbox was a great idea.

porkChop48d ago

How do you actually install it?

Sgt_Slaughter48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

There's two ways of doing it, either through Developer mode or Retail. There's plenty of YouTube videos that can walk you through it and it's pretty easy. A UWP program/app stands for Universal Windows Platform, and a lot of them have been working on Xbox hardware for the last five or more years. Dolphin (GameCube/Wii) and XBSX2 (PS2) are also getting updates that work on Series consoles, and PS3/Wii U/3DS/Switch are possible in the future as well.

porkChop48d ago

Oh ok. I have XBSX2, I guess it installs the same way.

CobraKai48d ago

I tried doing a PS2 emulator on retail mode but I never got it to work. I’m too scurred to try it in developer mode

gangsta_red48d ago

You would never guess who was one of the people who worked on the compatibility for this ...