3 Reasons To Play Hogwarts Legacy and 3 Reasons Not To

Hogwarts Legacy is just days away and we're here to break down the 3 reasons to play and 3 reasons you may not want to.

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rippermcrip40d ago

What a terrible 3 reasons not to play: staggered release... cry about it. No co-op/multiplayer? Okay, so that reason applies to every single player game? Is that really a reason not to play a game? JK Rowling? Again, cry about it. Harry Potter isn't going anywhere.

PureBlood40d ago

Everyone has their own reasons. For me, I'm playing it because the lady at the Guardian really doesn't want me to.

GotGame81840d ago

I'm a gay guy, and talk about a joke! Her review was so biased! Unbelievable! That lady is no 'journalist'. What really gets me about her, you can't comment on her Twitter feed, unless you follow her! She doesn't want her feelz hurt! I was going to tell her what I thought of her review.

I am not too far in, but it feels like it will be epic! ✌

frostypants40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

None of these dopes can even explain how what Rowling said was offensive. They just say it was offensive because the echo chamber told them so. The reality is it's fake outrage based on nothing substantial. Just a bunch of mindless groupthink.

hotnickles40d ago

I didn’t read but I had to know if that was a reason so thanks lol. It’s like a game for me now, finding out which websites are annoying and useless. It’s still not as pathetic as the gamespot homepage right now. Never thought I would base any opinion on JK Rowling of all people but here we are lol.

gerbintosh40d ago

Man these people keep riding JKRs nuts. She live in their head rent free

GameBoyColor40d ago

Here's an actual valid reason to not play it, on pc it runs like ass lmao. Stutters every area and camera movement fps goes from smooth to like 0-20fps for 10 seconds. Otherwise this a really good game but to me this is as unacceptable as pokemon was.

MrNinosan40d ago

Play it on PS5, or get a better PC 👍

GameBoyColor40d ago

my pc is pretty beefy already, 5800x with a 3070. and come friday it will have a 4090 in it and still stutter. The game is a bad pc port and nobody is talking about it lol

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Elda40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I'm not into Harry Potter at all, I've never seen any of the movies but I watched several gameplay trailers of Hogwart Legacy & it seems interesting. So...since I finished
& enjoyed playing Forspoken I decided I'll keep the fantasy setting & learning magical spells going by getting a free copy of Hogwarts Legacy this weekend from Gamestop.

CorndogBurglar40d ago

Same here. I know nothing about Harry Potter. Never read any of the books or seen any of the movies. But I'm getting it for my wife for Valentine's Day. If it looks cool I may give it a go. But the world just never interested me.

Elda40d ago

I've watched several gameplay trailers & the gameplay looks fun,which is my bottom line for picking up the game this Friday.

CrimsonWing6940d ago

I don’t need this bull sh*t to give me reasons to play a game. If I’m interested I’ll check it out. Take this for what it’s worth, I’m not a Potter fan, but I absolutely think this is a fantastic game.

I feel bad for all the people so caught up in stupidity that they’ll miss out on this game or seek illegal methods to play it because, well that’s their thought process, can’t stick to their convictions and want to play the game.

frostypants40d ago

None of the mindless screechers were going to play it anyway.

FPS_D3TH40d ago

Got two copies for wife and I this enjoy this together! She’s a big Harry Potter fan so she’s been excited for this one! Looks like it’ll be a fun game even though I’m not a big fan of Potter or fantasy myself

Demetrius40d ago

Idgaf I’m getting this game lol

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