Gran Turismo 7 Was Built for PSVR 2 From Day One, Says Kazunori Yamauchi

GT Planet: After I had the opportunity to be one of the first people to play Gran Turismo 7 with PSVR 2 last week, I also had the chance to speak with Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi for a one-on-one interview to discuss the new hardware.

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masterfox42d ago

that's some incredible news!, so glad to know this wasn't rushed, still wondering why they didn't announced this from day one for the PSVR2, a bundle with GT7 would it catapult the preorders imo.

ApocalypseShadow42d ago

Yeah. Sony knew to make GT7 at a certain level of detail so that VR can run and look buttery smooth. They could have easily did what Microsoft did and made GT7 only PS5. But everyone on PS4, Pro and PS5 get to enjoy GT7. And VR gamers get to enjoy the full game with weather, time of day, etc.

Just a glorious decision. Should have many gamers to face against online if that's what that gamer wants. And seeing the cars up close is going to be insane.

I suspect a lot of gamers talking about how awesome the game is in VR. Nothing like word of mouth to spread the word.

OtterX41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

This is exactly what Sony needed to make PSVR2 an even bigger success than PSVR1! 3 juggernaut franchises that even non-VR gamers get excited about, and finally jump into the VR World: Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil 8 and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

There are tons of other fantastic VR games once they're in, but these are the billboard games that are going to draw them in!

lodossrage41d ago

You know, normally I'd pass this off as corporate speak.

But in this case, I think he's telling the truth. When GT Sport came out, only a small segment was playable in VR. But with GT 7 the full game is in VR.

CBaoth40d ago

when Shu and Yamauchi speak there's a lot of honesty behind it. Always has been. Remember when Shu listed off Journey as one of his favorite games on the PS3 he welled up, voice cracking as he recounted a tragic story involving a family who played it. There's passion in their wares. Dammit Yamauchi-san got me to buy VR2 AND a steering wheel!

Futureshark41d ago

Its going to be quite something to race all these amazing supercars in VR, especially taking in all the interior details.
What a fantastic game!!

PureBlood41d ago

I hope so, because I just splurged on a wheel!

PureBlood41d ago

Do you weld?

I'm eyeing up a good second-hand seat and frame at the moment. This is going to be amazing.

The best part is, if I decide I don't want it after all for any reason (I'm thinking this will EAT my time!), I know I'll be able to sell it on for a nice profit once PSVR2 is out, because there's going to be an increase in demand for these racing rigs! Get in quick before they go up in price, people!

yeahokwhatever28d ago

@pureblood, wood works great, if you know how to build stable things out of wood. there are plenty of guides online.

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