Ori Dev on New "Full-Blown ARPG": Can Improve Elden Ring’s & BOTW’s Empty Spots in Open-World Design

Thomas Mahler, the CEO of Ori developer Moon Studios, has taken to Twitter to talk about the studio's next game.

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XiNatsuDragnel42d ago

I see moon studios attempt will be cool to see.

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GoodGuy0942d ago

The open world design's in elden and botw were some of the best out there and probably my most favorites by far. Please do get inspiration from these games developers.

-Foxtrot42d ago

Elden Ring had more to do in its world and more going on that BotW lets be honest.

Inverno41d ago

I'll be watching this ones closely then. The worst thing about Elden Ring was the open world and how they recycled so much to try to fill it. BoTW didn't even try. I stay away from open world games as much I can, people always say "this one does something different with it's world" while you can clearly see it does the same thing done a dozen times over.

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