Ubisoft+ on Xbox will feature over 60 games, here's the full list

Ubisoft+ looks like it will launch for consoles soon, and we now have a new list of games that will be available with Ubisoft+ on Xbox.

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jznrpg45d ago

Oooh Ubisoft plus . We are all just lining up for it

Army_of_Darkness45d ago

With Ubisoft you will get the division, Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Raymond, Far Cry, Assassin's Creed and the division, then repeat. Do I really need a subscription for this?

jznrpg45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I got most of those games “free”or for a couple dollars

blackblades45d ago

Sounds like a meh list of games I dont play anymore. Ubisoft needs a reboot.

OtterX45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Rayman or Raymond? Jade Raymond doing house visits now? That may get a few more subscribers...oh wait, she's not with Ubisoft anymore. 😂

VersusDMC45d ago

50 + of those games are included with ps extra and i haven't touched any of them...good luck charging 15 a month like on PC. It will most likely be EA play price of 5 a month.

VenomUK45d ago

Just wait for the Microsoft buyout and all these games will be included free with Game Pass.

Ra303045d ago

Ubisoft Plus isn't included in Game Pass? WTF.....That's crazy. ...I was hoping to see Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Summit Strike on the list. I would have pulled my Series S outta the closet and turned it on for that but I guess its not to be. That's to bad Summit Strike and Ghost Recon Final Assault were great games.

RedDevils45d ago

all of their games are shit anyway.

lelo2play45d ago

€14.99 per month. The price tag is absurd...
Ubisoft! You're drunk, go home.

Rude-ro45d ago

Yeah, but according to said gaming community… their subscriptions come with free games😂😂

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Stanjara45d ago

You buy on sale: AC black flag, Rayman, FC3 and South Park and you don't need this 15euro a month subscription.

jznrpg45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Exactly . Why pay for a sub when these games are super cheap used or even digital on flash sales etc . Ubisoft is synonymous with bargain bin

blackblades45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Division was like $2 at one point or $1 on ps4 awhile back. Skipped it cause I know I wasnt gonna play it just like all the other ubisoft games.

S2Killinit45d ago

Because soon all these publishers will pull all physical version of their games so that you have to buy subscriptions.

The writing was on the wall but some people here wanted a win for xbox so bad that they cheered MS on the whole time they pushed the industry toward services. Soon, we will all pay the price. 15/month for Ubisoft, etc.

Chris1245d ago

S2killinit - in your constant hate for Xbox you once again forget MS didn't invent subscription services on consoles. They also aren't the market leader and can't push the industry anywhere. If the console you clearly worship has a subscription service that is entirely their own commercial decision and makes them the same as everyone else.

S2Killinit43d ago

I assure they can and are.

Secondly, my hate? Bro, with what they are doing, do you seriously blame me? Come on, they are ruining gaming. They are literally shrinking the gaming space. Why dont they create studios instead of cannabalizing the industry? Its fu&ked. Its not like my criticism is misplaced. This conduct is going to cause a frenzy. All these games we all used to enjoy are going to be placed behind different paywalls…

Maybe look at yourself for a second and ask if following them to hells end is wise.

Stanjara44d ago

S2killint - don't worry about it. Just buy what you like and what you think deserves your money and time. We will always be able to buy individual games cause that's the best way publisher makes money.

I would actually buy Hi Fi Rush to support it rather than paying GP and support all bad gaming decisions in there like Crackdown, 343, Fallout 76 (idk what's all in there...)

I also didn't buy TLOU2, Forspoken and Forbidden Ubisoft Chest and don't need ps premium or extra crap.

Goosejuice45d ago

Isn't this also coming to ps5? Not that it matters really

Julion071545d ago

So why ask it? To discredit Xbox right?

Goosejuice45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

No, more it's only tagged on xbox. More of a dig at ubisoft as I don't see anyone paying for this unless it's included in gamepass like ea play

oIMyersIo45d ago

@Julian - it doesn’t always have to be PS Vs Xbox, you know.

I think it’s a fair question to ask if a service is coming to someone’s desired platform because, as @Goose has stated, they thought it was coming to Sony platforms as well; however, this article is only tagged with Xbox, potentially causing confusion, so I don’t feel there’s any need to jump down someone’s throat simply for asking a question for clarification.

1Victor45d ago

@ Julio “So why ask it? To discredit Xbox right? “
Relax take a deep breath and a sip of lavender tea no sugar or milk.
Not everyone is trying to attack your favorite console I myself I’m curious about that as well just for the knowledge sake 🤷🏿

jznrpg45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

@Juluon0715 you seem a bit sensitive . Seems like an honest question
But PS Nintendo Xbox doesn’t matter . Most of Ubis games have been bargain bin for a long time and a sub service is for the uninformed .

Hofstaderman45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Very sensitive, a certain console only runs on subscriptions, if you try to insert a disc it gives a read error. If you try to play a recently released AAA game it gives a disc is not recognised error.

Eidolon45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I thought PS+ Extra or Premium came with Ubisoft+, Game Pass went with EA Play.

rippermcrip45d ago

No, it came with a lot of Ubisoft "Classics" (and then like Valhalla). But Ubisoft+ includes basically everything including new releases. Now PS+ tier has all Ubisoft+ included.

Gamer7545d ago

Perhaps the reason why it only tagged Xbox is because the article is from an Xbox centric site

MrNinosan45d ago

It's been "free" on PS5 with PS+ Extra since last summer

Petebloodyonion45d ago

You don't have Ubisoft+ on PS Extra what you have is Ubisoft collection classic.

MrNinosan45d ago

True which includes almost exactly the same games as the list shown here.
So name i whatever, it's the same games.

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oIMyersIo45d ago

Looks good but will be something I’d only use if I knew I had some free time coming up, subscribe for a month and blitz a few of their better titles before unsubscribing until new offerings are added.

The fact this costs more than both GamePass & PS Plus Extra is ridiculous considering both the quality and number of titles offered.

Julion071545d ago

He asked a question I asked a question. He said not that it matters but it has to matter to question it and pay the article that doesn’t matter attention.

jznrpg45d ago

Maybe it just matters that smallest amount that he asked it and then didn’t care

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